Day 1

20 Jan

After work, L and I headed to the 6pm class.  The studio was PACKED (mostly due to a living social deal offered two weeks ago) and immediately I felt overwhelmed, knowing that I would be smushed in between two strangers, which I was, by the way. Since L and I were a few minutes late, we ran into class just as it was about to start and I took a spot in the back right center of the room and was placed right under a heat blower.

Our instructor was great, and was extremely helpful in explaining the purpose and benefits of each pose, but I struggled through the entire class. Breathing became extremely difficult about 4 poses in and I had to sit out a few poses while my head and heart pounded and I internally scolded myself for being such a masochist (seriously, WHY did I choose to do this?).

Something that I will never understand is how people actually do the Padagustasana (toe pose), without falling over while getting in to it.  In any case, I’ve decided to focus on this pose for my first week of class.  At the end of the standing series, I was thankful to have a 2-minute savasana to rest but was on the verge of walking out.  Nevertheless, I got through it and felt absolutely AWFUL for the 15 minutes following the class but gradually regained energy thereafter. L and I decided to take the morning class the next day.

Lessons learned: Don’t eat cookies before yoga, not even 4 hours before.  Don’t be late to class.

Goals: To work on padagustasana and focus on breathing next class.


Day 1 was the 6pm class last night  And it was HARD. I wish I could say I felt amazing and strong, but I didn’t.  I felt hot and dizzy and pukey. I went into the class still suffering from my never-ending headache hangover* and things didn’t get much better.  The standing poses are sooo difficult for me to do- I can’t focus, I look around the room at other people, and all I can think about is that sweat is dripping off my eyelashes and into my mouth. I ended up sitting down during the last standing pose and was so happy when I got to lie down finally. The sitting poses are easier for me to do and I feel like I can focus more on doing the pose correctly, and less on how hot I am. But I can feel my heart beat throughout my entire body, almost the entire time! Grosses me out. I’m hoping that fades away as I get better…

Lessons learned: Get a pedicure- ugly winter feet are really distracting! And DON’T drink like a college kid the night before and eat tons of greasy food the day of. Ick.

Goals: Do all of the standing poses without a sitting break.

*Sidenote- Since when do 6 glasses of wine give me an all-day headache? Why am I getting old? WHY?



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