Day 2

20 Jan

C and I have obviously lost our minds and decided to take the 6am class this morning. Waking up wasn’t hard because I hardly slept at all last night. Tossing and turning, waking up every hour…so when my alarm went off I was almost relieved that my horrible night was over. But then…..the horribleness continued. This morning the heat was suffocating. From the second I walked in the room, I wanted to leave. No focus, constantly looking around the room (which I’m finding annoys other people), taking water breaks during poses (another no-go), and half-assing almost every pose. I sat down constantly, felt nauseous and dizzy the entire first half of the class, and the instructor kept saying “relax your face” and I’m positive that was directed at my constantly furrowed brow.

And once again, I found the sitting poses much easier. It’s not even that they’re any easier than the standing ones, it just takes me 45 minutes to get used to the heat! I’m sore today, especially my lower back, but I like being sore…makes me feel like I actually worked out.

Not the best first classes, but I know it’ll get easier from here!  And I’m proud of us…we’re 1/15th of the way done! (C, you’re awesome at fractions!)

Lessons learned: Those cold peppermint-y towels they give at the end are HEAVEN. Maybe that’s not a lesson, but I’m sorry I’m not sorry- I love them.

Goals: Stop half-assing poses…waste of my energy and money- I don’t need to pay money to sit on the floor in a hot room!


I could NOT sleep last night. Day 1 was the 4th time I’ve done Bikram and I’ve had this same problem each time. So instead, I stayed up for a while and google around to see if I was the only one having this problem.  Turns out, some people have and it may just be a result of my body’s energy levels adjusting after class.  After getting out of bed at 5:30am, I grabbed two ibuprofen and half of a yogurt along with a glass of water so that I wasn’t completely diminished, energy-wise.

The class today was very small (probably because only crazy people actually get up that early to torture themselves) compared to last night. Only about 10 people were in the studio and L and I found spots next to each other in the back of the room along the mirrors.  Our instructor was different this time, but equally encouraging.

Class today was not bad!  I surprised myself by being able to attempt every pose without having to take a seat once throughout the class. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all flower and sunshine. Some of the poses really drained me, specifically the dandayama (standing head to knee pose) and the subsequent dandayama (strong bow pose).  Overall, class today was invigorating and for the first time ever exiting a bikram class, I didn’t want to cry/throw up/pass out.  Hopefully this is a sign that it gets better!

Now I’m nice and sore at work, especially in my neck and upper arms. Looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow but moreso looking forward to SLEEP tonight!

Lessons learned: I am not flexible, in any respect. Regulating breathing can really make such a huge difference during class.

Goals: Push myself to complete all of the standing positions without looking like a newb.



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