Day 3

24 Jan

As a nice end to the work week, L and I headed to the 6pm class after work. Once again, the evening class was packed, but we got in early enough to get desirable spots in the room.  Our friend (a first-timer) joined us this time, and she did wonderfully.  The class was packed, which kind of blew my mind considering it was a Friday at 6pm, but I’m starting to understand why bikram is appropriately nicknamed “crack yoga”; it really serves so many purposes including detoxification, stress-relief, and strengthening. Day 3 was the first time I didn’t need to sit down at all during the class, and I felt focused and determined.  I’ve been learning that breathing makes so much of a difference during the class, so in focusing on my breathing, I have the energy to hold poses longer and stretch deeper each time I practice. I really focused on the dandayamana-janushirasama (standing head to knee pose) during the class and still cant seem to find my balance, but attempting it with good intention and form is just as beneficial, according to our instructor!

Anyway, after yoga, L and I went out with some friends to dinner in Georgetown for restaurant week at a bar and had a few (several) drinks. This was my first time drinking since the 30-day challenge started (NOT impressive considering it’s only day 3) and I’m kind of terrified at how tough yoga will be tomorrow.

Lessons learned: 6pm class will never be comfortable because of the crowding (resulting in unbearable humidity).

Goals:  Get my back on the floor during the supta-vajrasana (fixed-firm pose).


Day 3 was the 6pm class after work on Friday.  As I was leaving my house for class, my roommate decided she wanted to join and I was really impressed by how well she did for her first class.  I, on the other hand, didn’t think my performance was too impressive.  The 6pm classes are PACKED- so packed that I feel like others are sweating on me sometimes. The room seemed extra hot and the humidity was intense. (I later found out that the side where C and I kept standing is the “hot zone” and is sandwiched by 2 heat vents. Needless to say, I’m not standing there again.)

At one point during the class, the instructor told the new kids not to panic, to just breathe through the heat. For some reason, hearing her say the word “panic” made me panic and I squatted down at least once during the rest of the standing poses.  I was being so negative in my head and need to find a way to shake that.

Looking back, what I drank (or didn’t drink) and the food I ate during the day had a huge effect on my performance.  I ran out of groceries on Friday, so I ate a very carb-heavy breakfast and lunch, with only 1.5 liters of water during the day.  I’m going to try to focus on drinking a lot more water and eating a lot of fruit and veggies.

Lesson learned- Don’t stand on the right side of the room everrrr again.

Goals: Focus more of what I eat and drink throughout the day.



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