Day 4

24 Jan

Saturday morning was not becoming. I lay in bed mad at myself for the half bottle of wine and two beers I had the night before googling how terrible people’s experiences at yoga after drinking. The general consensus was “don’t do it”. Great. So,  in order to prep for class (which was at 4p) I drank massive amounts of water all day and really tried to take it easy during the day.

During the mid-afternoon, one of my friends came in to town and I got her to agree to go to class with myself and L.  Now this friend has worked out once in the last >6 months so I knew this might be a challenge for her.  I also got my roommate and her boyfriend, who both regularly work out but never really do yoga, to agree to join.  They all were pretty nervous about the experience in general because they’ve heard horror stories about bikram (mostly from me)  and knew it would be tought.  Regardless, we all headed to the class and it was PACKED to an unhealthy extent. It had to be at least 110-115  during the toughest parts of class but we made it through. I was a little unfocused throughout the class because I was afraid a) one of my friends was going to die or b) i’m going to lose friends because i had the audacity to bring them to this torture room for an hour and a half.  Thankfully, they all did really well and stayed in the room the entire time!  We all felt amazing after and were able to relax and nobody wanted to hurt me for putting them through class. My roommate was affected by the experience in general, and even signed up for a 10-class package! During the class, I struggled a bit with breathing and focusing on my friends, but ended up having a really strong class. I really am starting to feel like I’m doing my body a huge favor by taking this time every day to focus on it.

Lessons learned: Bringing people to class is great, it switches things up a bit and you feel responsible for setting an example and are more likely to push yourself.

Goals: Push a little harder in each of the poses next class.


C and I ate a giant Italian dinner for Restaurant Week on Friday night, so I was nervous to see how that would affect me during Saturday’s class.  Luckily, I think the huge amount of water I drank before bed, and then the 3.5 liters I drank during the day before class, cancelled out the Italian food/wine binge from the night before.  The 4pm Saturday class is another PACKED class and it was difficult to find a good place for my mat. I’ve learned that I get very distracted being in the back row of the class and annoyed when my eye line to the mirror is blocked.

C’s roomie, roomie’s bf, and friend came along with us for their first class.  I was really impressed by how well they did! Especially because the class was so packed! I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but I didn’t sit down at all during the class…although I did squat down numerous times to clear the dizziness from my head.  I also kicked ass at standing bow pose during this class- I could see my foot above my head! I got so excited that I did well on this pose that I actually forgot about how hot it was for a little bit (well…for about half a pose). I also attempted the camel pose for the first time. And I’m trying to focus more on my breathing (in and out through my nose) and rely on it to calm me down/kill the dizziness, rather than sitting.

One more Restaurant Week reservation and then I’m eating healthy from here on out!

Lesson learned- Saturday 4pm classes are HORRIBLE.  I can’t handle all of the people.

Goals: Continue to focus on breathing and attempt the toe stand during tree pose.



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