Day 5- 1/6 of the way!

24 Jan

Saturday night included pizza, beer, various other types of alcohol, and general ignorance. I feel awful today.  Decide to skip the 10 am class and aim for the 6pm class, even though it’s during the steelers-jets game, because I am in no way feeling rested or hydrated.  In fact, I’m not even hungover, I’m just exhausted.

L went to the 10a class so I was on my own (sorry about that, L!)  which I am thinking at this point is a good thing because I’m probably going to struggle a lot during class.  Not sure how I’m going to fare without her, though.   Thankfully, during the day, my roommate W decides that she’s going to join.  We get to class and it’s pretty crowded, and hot. Really, really hot. I’m standing behind an androgynous creature who clearly has never done yoga before and from the get-go, I’m annoyed, because I know that it’s not good for my focus.  Surprisingly, when class starts, I’m unperturbed by anything.  I’m focused, clear-headed, and flexible! I had an amazing class.  Not one time did I sit out a pose or have to and be still.  I was going deeper into stretches and focusing more than I ever had.  It seems like a lot of the class had that experience, as our instructor kept commenting on the determination (well, except for the person in front of me) of the students this evening. My biggest feat was finally touching my back to the floor (with arms over the head) in the fixed firm pose. I didn’t think it was possible but it happened! And it was glorious. I had such a feeling of accomplishment after doing that, it made the rest of the class so much easier. I know I will be sore tomorrow and I almost feel guilty that I had two great classes after weekend nights out. Waiting for it to catch up with me/hoping it doesn’t…

Lessons learned: Ignore everybody else except for the instructor during class. Pushing a little bit harder at the end of each pose really does make a difference.

Goals: Focus on the triangle pose. The “master pose” continues to bug me and


Saturday night was another huge amazing dinner, this time with my sisters, and then water chugging and early bed.  Sunday’s class was the first one that C and I didn’t attend together (she was a little too hungover for the 10am, and I was already in the morning mindset so I went with my roomie instead). I really missed her! Bikram really takes encouragement and a positive attitude and C is AWESOME at that!

The Sunday 10am class was another packed class, but I had a better mat position and wasn’t distracted by the people in front of me. I’d definitely say that Day 5 was my best class yet!  I didn’t sit during the standing poses at all..only squatted down 3 times while I drank water.  The heat didn’t get to me as much as it usually does, and I didn’t feel nauseous at all.  I hadn’t taken a class with this instructor before, and he was big on telling stories and correcting people’s postures.  I was a little frustrated because while he was talking we’d be stuck standing still with our arms above our head….something a weak-armed girl like myself does NOT like, but overall it was a good experience since he gave instructions and tips that I haven’t heard from the other instructors.

Now that I’m getting more comfortable with the various poses, I’m finding that I’m attempting more difficult poses and pushing harder in all poses.  I tried straightening my leg during standing head to knee and attempted the toe stand during tree pose (a LOT difficult that I would have thought…not sure if my knees can handle that one). Felt great after class and productive for the rest of the day.

Lesson learned: Breathing through your nose really DOES help.

Goal: Don’t squat or sit at all during the standing poses.



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