Textual Encouragment

24 Jan

By now you’ve finshed up you breathing exercises, the half moon and should be doing the tree shortly. Make sure to focus on yourself in the mirror, breath through your nose and keep your chin up.. You’re a third of the way done!!!

By now you’re sweating like Snooki taking the SAT’s…but don’t worry because at least your doing the positions on the floor. Even though the sit ups suck they’ll help your core and apparently your digestive system (who knew). The next group of position will help your spine… So do your best!!! 2/3rds done!!!

Congrats, you made it!!! I hope you enjoyed your second Bikram session and made some improvements… You’re Japenese Ham Sandwich was awesome today!!! And how great was that peppermint wet towel at the end of the class…isn’t it the best? See you in a few.

-Thanks for the entertainment, W and R!


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