Day 6

25 Jan

Bikram is crack.  I’m addicted.  I woke up the morning of Day 6 feeling uneasy and I didn’t know why.  Nothing was going on at work, nothing personally…I was just antsy.  My coworker told me I looked like I was going to jump off the roof- I just had a bleh day.  Until I got to bikram.  I was in a better mood almost immediately after walking in the door.  Everyone there is always so cheery and C had already saved me a spot for my mat.  We popped some ibuprofens (hey, we’re sore!), secured a ride home (thanks to C’s sister!), and class began.  And it was an AMAZING class.  I don’t know if it was the teaching style (the owner taught and was super high energy and funny) or the fact that I had eaten really healthy all day, or just that this was our 6th class, but I felt GREAT the entire class.  I did all of the poses and pushed myself harder than I have before- not sitting or squatting at all.  I actually bent my knee and crouched during the toe stand!  I did both camel poses!  All around inspiring, high-five worthy class.

One thing the instructor said that stuck with me was that you may have a bad class or a great one, and chances are, tomorrow’s class will be the opposite.  I’m hoping that Day 7 will be an even better class for me, but I also know that it may be a horrible, puking in my mouth type of class.  There are so many different circumstances that go into it: how much water you drink, what types of food you ate, how well you can focus on your breathing, your ability to stare at yourself in the mirror and “meditate” (which was difficult tonight because of the hairy, loose shorts (yikes) man in front of me), and just your all around state of mind.  Definitely can’t wait to see how Day 7 goes!

Lesson learned: I can push myself to do a lot more than I think I can.

Goals: Stick the toe pose!  I was so close tonight….I know I can do it!


To echo L’s sentiments.  Bikram is crack. Plain and simple, it’s the most rewarding and challenging hour and a half I’ve ever put myself through. Last night was a great class for me.  I went in feeling a little bit tired and was scared to have the owner as our instructor, he seemed to be a quirky, condescending, perfectionist yogi. Turns out, he’s none of the above but quirky, and he was definitely on drugs. But it was awesome- he spent the class encouraging us and breaking the monotony with puns and awkward jokes. It made me feel comfortable to push myself, and push myself I did.

To start, the class was crowded as usual, but not as bad as I’ve seen it during other 6pm classes. I was next to an overweight man who was a first time bikramer. I was also directly in back of two other first-timers.  This made focusing a bit of an issue during class but I was able to maintain focus and used their effort to feed my focus (if they can stay in the room the whole time as first-timers, I have no reason to be sitting down). I spent a few poses worried that this large man beside me was going to die or throw up on me, and actually in a few poses I ended up helping him or supporting him with my hands.  He told me after class really appreciated the (literal) support and encouragement. I’m beginning to realize how bikram is both an individual and a group experience, and how the group dynamic can affect your personal accomplishments in class.

During class, I pushed myself harder than I ever have in most of the poses, specifically in the camel and head to knee poses.  Also, I finally straightened my legs in the stretch at the end of class, a major accomplishment for me, considering I have literally never been able to hold my feet with straight legs for any amount of time.  I have found that these little victories and steps push me through class and even leave me smiling at times to myself. Smiling, in bikram. Eat that for breakfast, haters. The experience is also making me so much more aware of my body and the things that it’s actually capable of.

Anyway, after class, I left feeling invigorated and so thankful that L and I have decided to do this for ourselves (and for my little sister, for picking us up!). Unfortunately, I had a bit of a reality check when I got home and discovered a bit of unsavory information about somebody in my life who has really betrayed my trust. Needless to say, it was enough to keep me up most of the night and made me miss morning class. I’m going to use the next 24 days to figure things out and take it one step at a time.


Lessons learned: Acknowledging your bodies accomplishments helps  the class go smoother. Don’t bring bad moods and negative thoughts into the room with you.

Goals: Stay in the toe pose on each leg (I finally attempted both this week!)


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