Day 7

26 Jan

I CANNOT BELIEVE that C and I have been doing this for an entire week.  An entire week of bikram…never thought it would happen.  I’m so proud of us, but also very aware that we’re only about 1/4th of the way there.  A couple of the instructors now know that we’re trying for the 30 day challenge and have been encouraging us to attempt the 60 day challenge that’s going on right now.  One step at a time kiddos- 60 sounds beyond impossible right now!

I woke up for the 6am class, but due to unforeseen alarm complications (ahem….a.m. means morning C, p.m. means night), ended up going back to bed.  Note to self: get my car fixed so I’m not dependent on others!  So we hit the 8pm class instead, and I’m so glad we did!  The class was much smaller than the 6pm class.  And we had a new instructor who was amazing- very encouraging, soothing voice, kept reminding us to breathe, correcting our poses without interrupting the class.  I felt great during the entire class, never nauseous, rarely dizzy, and pushing harder in the poses that usually give me trouble.  Even C’s sister (who nervously came along for the first time) did amazing!  The energy in the room was great and everyone seemed very absorbed in their practice (look! I’m using yoga terms!).

Overall, great class. Proud of C, proud of her sister, proud of myself, loved the instructor, loved seeing what my body could do, loved the energy I had after class, and as always, loved loved that cold towel at the end!

Lesson learned: Smaller class sometimes equals greater focus/better class!

Goals: Stick that darn toe pose! I was so close tonight!


Last night was a pretty intense class in so many ways. My little sister decided to join, which was great because I love exposing people to Bikram and sharing the experience with others, but I was a bit concerned about her lack of seriousness going into the class (she told me she thought it’d be like a dance class on our way there). L and I prepared her by sharing some anecdotes and pieces of advice with her and she ended up doing a really great job and even signing up for 10 more classes, so props to her! I’ve also notice how much L and I really feed off of each other in a positive way during class. Whether it is noticing that we other one’s progress or just a simple thumbs up between poses, having somebody there to push you through classes really helps!

I went into class with a heavy emotional load but was really looking forward to and letting go of it all in the studio.  This has become a bit of a pattern for me, as I am starting to using my practice in a therapeutic way.  Class has really become something (sometimes the only thing) I look forward to every day.  In class, we had a new teacher, which was both scary and exciting, because you never know how tough or critical they are going to be.  Turns out, this woman was encouraging and supportive, which is what I’ve felt about all of the teachers in this studio (this hasn’t been my experience elsewhere).  During class I started out by clearing my head completely and was able to go deeper into the half-moon pose than I ever had and to attempt both legs on the toe pose and even support myself for a bit! It felt great to move but I had some periods of time when I would start thinking too much about my stresses or focusing on my sister’s well-being during the class. In any case, it was absolutely one of my strongest classes and I really felt relaxed afterwards, especially since the teacher’s voice was incredibly soothing during the final savasana.

In terms of my preparation for classes, I was pleasantly surprised by my progress throughout class 7 because my day was full of pretty unhealthy and heavy food. For lunch I went out with a co-worker for rice noodles in brown sauce with chicken and before clas I met up with a former co-worker and friend for a non-alcoholic happy hour complete with crab dip and other appetizers.  Regardless, it seems that my practice isn’t affected so much by what I eat but when I eat it and the amount I am able to hydrate before class. I’ve consistently been drinking 3+ liters of water each day, which seems to be adequate in preparation for the sweat fest that is bikram.  So happy that we’ve finished an entire week of yoga!  Can’t remember the last time I have worked for 7 days in a row…high school, perhaps?

OOH! Yay- work closes two hours early today, which means more time to relax before tonight’s class! Thank you, Federal government!

Lessons learned: Each of the few seconds of stillness between poses really matters.  This type of yoga is for everyone, and usually elicits a powerful response from first-timers.

Goals: Stay in the standing bow pose for an entire minute on each leg and stick each toe pose in class 8. Also, try to leave any stress/sadness/anxiety in the studio and deal in a peaceful (not angry or vengeful) manner- this is not my forte and I hope to work on it and move on from things that bring me down more gracefully.



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