Day 10- Sassy Monkeys

31 Jan

Motivation for Friday night class was hard to muster up but L and I made it to 6pm class and parked ourselves in the front row for the first time .  The class was relatively crowded and the owner (who is quickly becoming my favorite instructor) made sure to remind L and I to sign up for the 60-day challenge during the first few poses.  With wine after class as a motivator, we seemed to really step our game up a bit (probably should re-think our motivation tactics, but it worked!).

I had a really strong class and I attribute it to the increased focus and self-awareness that comes with practicing in the front row.  There were minimal distractions and I was able to completely focus on my form but I swear this instructor keeps it at least 2 or 3 degrees hotter than the others because I felt like I was breaking a fever the entire time. One of the high points of the class was the strong bow pose, which I held for a minute on both sides and was able to stretch my leg further over my head than ever before.  I also was able to relax into fixed firm pose but I am still struggling with triangle pose, or Trikanasana (see below). I know it may not look like much…but this pose (referred to at the master standing pose) is really tough not only physically, due to the engagement of both the legs and arms, but mentally, because of it’s placement at the end of the standing set. So most of the time I end up cheating myself and not trying my hardest. This is something I could defnitely work on. I think I really feed off of L’s positive energy and motivation during class and it fueled me to stick my poses a little bit longer and work just a little bit more throughout each set.  At one point during the class, the instructor commended L and I for our placement in the room (and called us sassy monkeys?) and that positive reinforcement also really helped me push myself throughout class.  Afterwards, I felt invigorated but my energy quickly dissipated, as I am now starting to feel the physical stress that I have been forcing on my body. Regardless, I know that I probably brought this problem onto myself and really should be focusing on getting more sleep and eating better, which is tough when you have the appetite of an adolescent boy and an abundance of good trash tv to watch late at night.

Lessons learned: My body is capable of much more than I give it credit for, just takes a lot of mental strength to “flirt with my edge” and go for it.

Goals: Commit to the triangle pose next time.


I thought Friday’s class would be horrible.  I forgot (again!) to bring my yoga things to work so I had to sneak out of work a little early (good thing I walk silently like a ninja) and rush home.  Once home I realized there was no time to metro and ended up having to bum a ride from C’s roomie.  I have GOT to get my car fixed!  I need my car for bikram, but I also need to wake up early to get it fixed, and bikram makes me too tired to do that!  My life is so tough.

Despite my troubles getting there, I ended up having a really great class.  C and I stood in the front row for the first time and it made a huge difference.  Being able to make eye contact with yourself made focusing on the various poses a lot easier.  Being that close to the mirror also helped me focus more on doing the poses correctly.  I noticed a difference in the half-moon pose especially.  I think I’ve officially become a front row girl!  The instructor/owner (completely agree with C, he’s my fave instructor!) was really positive for the whole class and I was beaming when he complimented C and me on our challenge.

C and I ended the class with a walk to the metro and a trip to Noodles and Company.  I try to eat healthy most of the time (makes a huge difference in class for me) but I love that working out every day makes me feel 100% UNguilty about eating a giant bowl of noodles!

Weird moment:  Homeless man asked if he could have my dinner while we were walking in the metro.  And then later came up to us and said “namaste.”  Weird.

Lesson learned:  Bikram is sooo mental.  Positive mood, awesome instructor, awesome friend = great class!

Goals: Try to straighten my knee in standing separate leg head to knee pose.  I’m close!



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