Day 11

31 Jan

Today’s class was AWFUL for me. Friday night consisted of lots of time with the girls and wine, wine, and more wine (read: mind-blowing, day-long hangover). I mean I don’t even think anything I did except for almost die during class is even worth writing about. Class was at capacity (about 50+ people) and both my sister and L’s friend joined. I had to sit down during two of the standing poses- triangle and toe stand- and felt like I deserved all of the pain I felt during class because I clearly did not take care of my body the night before (or that day- the only thing I had to eat were a few honey bbq wings). But much to my delight, my version of a bad day has really improved since the beginning of my practice. I’ve learned that each class can be wildly different and that you should never hold on to the accomplishments or disappointments of a single practice. So I’m going to let this one go, but am happy that I made it out of that torture chamber alive.

Lessons learned: Don’t be an idiot and drink in excess the night before yoga. If you have a bad class, leave it in the room- no need to stress out about your incompetence.

Goals: Don’t sit down during class or let people around you influence you to sit at any point.


Day 11= Hot mess (get it??).  This class was a disaster!  It was just a perfect storm of crap.  We showed up with only 5 minutes to spare since parking was impossible.  Which made sense once we walked into the building- there were a MILLION people taking the class.  I ended up having to put my mat all the way in the back by the window in between my friend who was visiting, and two large sweaty men.  Within the first 5 minutes of class, my friend ran out of the room to puke.  The two men beside me were gasping for air and the woman in front of me kept moving around on her mat, blocking my mirror view.  The next hour and 25 minutes wasn’t much better.  At least four other people left the room at one time or another, the men beside me were DYING and I’m pretty sure sweating on me, and my friend spent the entire standing series in “Jamaica,” aka savasana, trying not to puke.  And because I was standing directly in front of the window, I kept getting a shiver-inducing draft.  To top it off, I had Miss Bikram America 2011 in front of me killing it on every pose. Disaster.

What’s interesting though is that I didn’t have that horrible of a class.  I didn’t feel dizzy or nauseous (although this was my first class were I felt sore during class).  I just didn’t want to be there.  I didn’t want to hold my bow pose for one minute.  So I didn’t.  I didn’t want to put my head on my knee, so I didn’t.  I didn’t feel like lying still, so I fidgeted.  I didn’t feel like pushing myself, so I didn’t.  It’s my hot body, I do what I want, right?  Right.

Lesson learned:  The group dynamic is key.  When everyone is in sync and “flirting with the edge,” the class is amazing.  When people are dropping like flies, the class is miserable.

Goals: Stealing C’s again!  I need to focus more on myself, and less on my surroundings.  And also never attend a Saturday 4pm class again?



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