Day 12

31 Jan

So…this is not getting any easier.

For Sunday night class L and I were rolling deep, with 3 total roommates in tow (bikram is contagious!).  I was feeling pretty lazy and sore but excited about class to erase any memory of Day 11.   Class went pretty well but I had little to no balance for the entire standing series.  I couldn’t hold the standing head-to-knee pose or the standing bow pose for any acceptable amount of time and I’m pretty sure my focus was just off from the start.  Regardless, physically, I felt exponentially better than I had during the previous class.

A few notable things that happened during class: 1) Towards the end of class, I noticed that the androgynous creature had returned for bikram and it made me smile thinking about how much it must have taken to return after having such a tough first class 🙂 I’m proud of her (yep, finally figured it out) and hope to see her at some more classes. 2) Also towards the end of class, the instructor congratulated two of our classmates for completing their 30-day challenge. It’s  inspiring to hear of other people reaching their goals/sticking to new year’s resolutions in this case. 3) Dead arms during the lotus pose:

I’ve never had this issue before but my arms got really tingly after doing all three parts of the locust pose.  Either I’m just finally doing this right or I’m just learning how to screw it up?  I guess I will find out next time.

Lessons learned: Patience and breathing. You need these two things to get through class successfully and a break in either one of them will cause problems later in the class.

Goals:  Drink more water during the day before class. It seems to make a huge difference in performance.


I’m happy to report that the class from hell, aka Day 11, was a one-time thing.  I wasn’t very motivated for class and spent most of Sunday on the couch, hungover and watching Nicholas Sparks movies.  But as it usually does, bikram knocked out my bad mood.  C and I (and our 3 roomies) got great mat spots in the front row again and beside each other.  I’ve found that I really get more energy and motivation when I stand next to C.  She always has positive bikram energy and I like witnessing her accomplishments (which was an awesome bow pose today!) and I like that she can see mine too.  I liked tonight’s new instructor and had a good class overall.  I’m finding it a lot easier to deal with the heat now…I never even think about sitting down anymore.

My focus during class is still somewhat lacking.  For the past 3 classes my thumb has fallen asleep during bow pose and stayed that way for hours.  Hope that won’t be a regular occurrence!



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