Day 13

1 Feb

Lucky class thirteen was a 6pm Monday class. Right after work I headed to the studio with intentions of wiping any memory of my slacker weekend classes, and that I did. Our teacher was Rana,  who we had last Friday for the first time (and also had a decent class with). L and I set up shop right in the front of the room.  The class was full of beginners, but it wasn’t distracting because there was definitely a collective attitude of determination which really helped the experience.

During class, I was able to really listen to the instructor’s words and focus on the positioning of my body to optimize the benefits of each posture. She was incredibly helpful in describing postures in a way that was understandable and easily replicable. I felt really flexible throughout class and was pushing harder than I probably ever had. I think I felt comfortable doing so because I had hydrated really well throughout the day and had gotten a great night’s sleep the night before, for the first time in awhile.  High points of the class included the standing head to knee series and the full bow pose (Dhanurasana):

In this pose- it was finally pointed out to me that I should be grabbing the tops of my feet (not ankles), and I was able to do a lot more in the pose.

Although I know I’m making plenty of sacrifices to do this challenge (my social life, hair moisture, and sleep schedule), I can’t help but feel like this challenge is really changing my attitude in a positive way.  I’m more conscious about the kinds of things that I put in my body and have a growing sense of strength and accomplishment as the class numbers rise.  During the day, I am a little sore but it’s reassurance that I’m actually doing something for the hour and a half  I spend in the torture chamber each day.

Lessons learned: Listen to the teacher when they are instructing (dur)- it seems like every class offers some new piece of advice or instruction.

Goals: Retain the instruction and build on it in each class.  Drink absurd amounts of water before class. All. Day. Long.


C and I started off our week with the 6pm Monday class.  I was a little nervous since I didn’t get a chance to drink a ton of water throughout the day, but in the end, I didn’t even notice a difference in my performance.  I had a really good class- I was pushing myself (maybe “flirting with the edge”?) a lot harder than I have before and it really paid off!  The instructor explained the poses in a way that just clicked with me.  I had at least 3 “aha!” moments during the class.  For the standing bow pose, she said to stare in between your eyebrows an stretch your chin to your shoulder- it made a huge difference.  And I finally locked my knee in standing separate leg head to knee pose.  I was told to stretch my hands beyond my toes and reach for a prayer position….and then BAM, I got it!

I also put my head on my locked knee during the stretching pose at the end.  Both of these times were only on the left side, but I’m still AMAZED that I can do that!
I think C and I are officially over our mid-challenge slump.  I’ve been sleeping really well the past couple of days, and even though I’ve been waking up several times during the night, I feel well rested.  I also feel like my body is a little more toned…but that might also just be my imagination wanting that to happen.  I’m sore, but in a good way.
Goal: Lock my knee in both of the above poses on the right….and attempt to in the standing head to knee pose!

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