Day 15: Decision Time!

3 Feb

Day 15 was the 6am class this morning. (That’s right, I said I would never do the 8pm followed by the 6am again, but I did).  I showed up pretty tired to class with my roomie – it’s really difficult to unwind after the 8pm class, so I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night.  The class was really small though, only about 7 people, so I knew there would be a great group energy and I’d be less distracted. I felt a little rough during the standing series and had to fight a little bit of dizziness, but overall I think the class went great.  The instructor helped push my back down in the standing separate leg stretching pose and I got a lot closer to putting my head on the ground!

I also finally stuck the tree stand toe pose on the right, not for long, but I’ll take it.  Interestingly though, I then couldn’t do it on the left, which is the side that I usually can do it!  You puzzle me, bikram.

Current bikram-related complaints: lower back is sore, thumb is still numb, and my feet/arches keep cramping up.  Other than that, I feel great!

I’ve made my decision regarding the 60 day challenge…just waiting for C to take her 15th class tonight to see if our decisions match up!

Lesson learned:  I know I’ve said it before, but about every other class I’m just amazed at what new pose I can hit or how much farther I can stretch into a pose.  Didn’t know I could do this!

Goal: Push/pull harder to get my head on the floor in the above pose!


Day 15 was the first class I have done by myself (without L or other company) since I started bikram. This presented the challenge of not being able to share the class with friends but also gave me a chance to really individualize my practice and focus solely on myself.  I headed out of work early to the 4pm class which was not crowded at all (about 6-7 people) but there were still some beginners present. I decided for the first time that   start shedding some clothing before class (my usual uniform is a tank and capris) so I chose to wear a sports bra and capris. I noticed that with this small change, I was able to correct my positioning during the standing and breathing postures.

Overall, I had a pretty solid class, despite having zero balance during any of the standing poses. What did bother me, however, was one other student in the class who was a hot mess. First of all, she brought her phone into class (isn’t the purpose of yoga to distance yourself from that?) and proceeded to do whatever the h she wanted during class. She skipped ahead in almost every pose and was completely distracting.  The teacher tried several times to slow her down and correct her, but this woman would just not listen. I really tried not to get distracted by it, but this was kind of obnoxious of her to be flopping around at her own pace.

High points of the class included the camel pose, which I love because a) I’m actually good at it (which I can’t say for many postures) and b) it’s energizing:

I have made my decision regarding the 30/60 day challenge and will conspire with Liz at a well-deserved happy hour with friends!

Lessons learned: You can’t be a rockstar every time you practice, some days it’s just tough to find balance and you just need to accept that and focus on what you can do.

Goals: Stop letting other people become a distraction during class. Their lack of focus is not a personal problem!


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