Day 17

7 Feb

Friday night class was great! L and I took spots right in the front of class and I was able to really focus on my balance and concentration for the first time in awhile.  During the day, I had eaten horribly (think dunkin munchkins and tootsie rolls) but had made sure to drink a lot of water (about 1 more liter than usual).  I thought that my food choices would really affect my practice negatively, but it really didn’t. At all.  Kind of wish I hadn’t discovered this!

A high point in the class was strong bow pose, which I was able to hold on each side for a decent amount of time.  I noticed how L and I really fed off of each other during class and fueled each other’s success throughout the hour and a half.  We have also started to recognize some of the other current 60-day challengers (there are about 10) and it’s feeling more and more like a community each time we go 🙂  Overall, I am really happy with our progress and am definitely feeling the emotional and physical benefits of the challenge.

Lessons learned: What you eat and drink before a bikram class is equally (if not less) important than your mood going into and during class.

Goals: Work on hamstring flexibility. It dictates range of motion in almost all of the separate leg stretching exercises.


I had a horrible day on Friday.  Woke up early to finally take my car in, pay a bazillion dollars to get it fixed, drive it home and realize they didn’t fix it.  At all.  In fact, it seems worse.  And since I’m a giant baby (who doesn’t have an extra bazillion dollars since  I spent it all on yoga…) I spent the hour before the 6pm class crying and moping.  Surprisingly though, that translated into an amazing bikram class.  C and I stood in the front (no distractions) and both kicked ass for the next 90 minutes.  I felt strong during every pose and even managed to touch my head to the floor during standing separate leg stretching pose.  Okay…my bun touched the floor, but my head was reallllly close!

Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose

It’s definitely rewarding to balance or stretch farther in a pose for the first time.  Makes me think I’m actually making progress.  But at the same time, I’m also feeling the negative effects of the challenge.  I’m tired…all the time (although I’m hoping this is just because I had 4 early mornings in a row) and I’m constantly sore.  I’m really hoping in the next day or so I start feeling a lot stronger/less sore and more rested!

Lesson learned: Glaring at myself in the mirror in anger apparently makes for a strong class!

Goals: Continue to work on the head to knee stretching pose towards the end of class.  I feel like if I can master this stretch, a lot of the previous poses will be a lot easier.



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