Day 19

7 Feb

Today’s class was another rough one.  It wasn’t a heat overwhelming, fight interrupted, shitshow of terribleness like yesterday’s (although 3 people did leave during class, and never returned) but it still wasn’t anywhere near my best.  I’m sore, really really sore.  Usually I don’t feel any soreness during class- the heat just sort of melts the soreness away.  Not today. Today, my arms burned every time I lifted them over my head, burned every time I held them open to the side, burned every time I tried to pull my body closer to my legs.  Oh and my legs…My legs/butt hurt in almost every posture.  My legs shook in pain multiple times during class, to the point that I’d only go halfway into postures.  During tree pose, I thought my knee would just fall off my body.  TREE POSE!  One of the easiest poses…and I couldn’t do it.

Tree Pose

But I’m starting to notice actual changes in my body now.  C told me today that she thinks my upper body looks more toned, and I agree.  I’m starting to actually get arm muscles! I wish my lower body would tone up a little faster, but I’m satisfied enough with just the upper body for now.  I’ve also started to notice that the heat/humidity is drying me out.  My hair is dryer, my nails chip a day after I paint them, and I woke up today with insanely dry skin under my left eye (and it looks weird). I guess this is the consequence of doing the challenge in the winter…

Lesson learned: Maybe it’s not just Saturdays that are rough…

Goal: Take it easy for the next couple of classes to let my sore muscles recover.


Superbowl Sunday 10am class was expectedly crowded. In all seriousness, what American would go to a 6pm yoga class during the game?  Maybe Christina Aguilera.

The class itself was difficult.  So much so that 3 people dropped out during the hour and a half. I was, however, able to focus on my poses and push myself consistently throughout the class. I have taken each opportunity that I can to capitalize on good classes and work harder in poses that typically give me the most trouble (like triangle):

I have found that in this pose, it really helps to contract the inner thighs and pull the heels together on the floor. By stabilizing from the inside out, the rest of the body doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain balance. I did also start to focus on the limitations of my body in certain poses. Like the Eagle pose legs (garurasana):

Because I have been blessed with cheerleader’s thighs and a Cuban-American mother, this just doesn’t happen for me and I just can’t seem to hook my foot around the back of my calf. I’ll continue to try by crossing my leg up higher and bending deeper, but I have a feeling that this will take a while. I have also notice the stark difference in my ability to bend backwards and my non-ability to bend (compress) forward.  As I become more aware of my capabilities and limitations, the words of the instructors become increasingly important, as they really do give you the tools to deal with each posture in a way that won’t harm the body. Unlike L, I have not really noticed any changes in my body, but being only 1/3(ish) of the way through, I’m ok with that.  I realize that these things take awhile and I’m happy enough with the psychological benefits at present.

Lessons learned: Bad class one day=good class the next

Goals: Ask questions after class instead of trying to fix problems with poses on my own.



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