Day 20: One Third DONE!

8 Feb

Classes like last night’s make classes like 18 and 19 worth it- I had a great class!  I felt really prepared for class: I ate a lot of fruit and veggies during the day, drank more than 2 liters of water and had slept a good amount the night before.  And then on the drive over, two of the best songs EVER came on the radio in a row (Kenny Chesney “Somewhere with You” and Taylor Swift “Back to December”).  I was pumped.

Our instructor was Rana (one of my favorites…although I really do like all of the instructors) and I seem to have my best classes with her.  I felt strong throughout the class and for the most part, didn’t even notice the heat.  I had my best standing head to knee pose so far in the challenge, but still couldn’t straighten my knee.  That pose is a toughie…I wish it was later in the class!

Standing Head to Knee

My sister told me last week that my mom thinks bikram yoga is an “out of body experience.” (For the record, I’m pretty sure my dad thinks it’s the same as ballet…?)  I laughed when my sister told me this, but didn’t really think much more of it…until last night’s class.  Throughout the standing series, it felt like I wasn’t actually moving my arms…that they were sort of robots moving on their own.  On Day 19, I couldn’t hold my arms out to the side without them burning in pain….and then last night I was holding them there, but felt nothing.  It definitely wasn’t out of body since I was there “killing myself” as the owner likes to say, but I felt lighter?  WEIRD.

Lesson learned: Some days the bear doesn’t get you.

Goal: Stretch harder during each sit-up.  I bet every little bit will help!


Unbelievably, we have made it through 20 straight days of bikram! Yesterday, I didn’t have the best preparation.  I didn’t really eat breakfast and for lunch I had a macaroni and cheese “Smart One” microwaveable meal…at 11:30, and then didn’t eat anything until class. So even before class, I started to feel really fatigued and hungry.

Regardless of my complete lack of nutritional prep,  last night’s class went pretty well for me. After L and I took our spots in the front right of the room, an instructor who was taking the class ended up putting herself right behind me.  I know it was all in my head, but this put massive amounts of pressure on me to not slack off.  So throughout class, I pushed myself harder than I ever had before.  I had to fight off thoughts of sleeping, pressure, and hunger throughout the class.  For the first time, I couldn’t get through both sets of camel pose (typically one of my strongest poses). 

In this pose, the instructors assure the class in between sets that the feelings of nausea and dizziness are “normal” and will pass.  I had never understood how awful this feeling is until last night.  After getting out of the first set and laying in savasana my heart was pounding in my face and I was nearly positive I was going to throw up.  As I got onto my knees for second set, the feeling didn’t go away AT ALL, so I turned back around and laid in savasana while the rest of the class went ahead into camel again. After class, in true revisionist’s memory style, I found myself categorizing the entire hour and a half as difficult because of this one pose.  This is really something I need to work on.

Lessons learned: Eat 2-3 hours before class.  That fuel is incredibly necessary during the tough parts of class.

Goals:  If there is a tough part of class, move on like it never happened  and don’t dwell on it.



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