Day 22

10 Feb

Day 22 was my third great class in a row!  Makes me a little nervous about how Day 23 will go though… C and I went to the 6pm class and it was a little bit smaller than it usually was…a definite plus!  Rana was our instructor and I’m finding that I have my best classes when she teaches.  In every class I’ve taken, she explains a pose in a way I haven’t heard before and it completely changes how the pose feels.  Last night, she explained that during standing separate leg head  to knee pose, you should pull your chin in towards your chest and kind of “swirl in” towards yourself as you reach beyond your toes.  Instructors always explain that this is a throat choking pose, but not until I “swirled” did I feel the throat choking.

I also put my forehead on the ground for the first time in the standing separate leg stretching pose!  My hamstrings are insanely sore now, but it was worth it.  I felt so accomplished when my forehead touched the floor that I wanted to jump up and down.  But…I couldn’t 😦  Yoga is so serious.

The past three classes have been so strong and fulfilling.  I’m actually making progress  and it’s so exciting!  Looking forward to my next class!

Lesson learned:  Maybe I’m not as un-flexible as I think…

Goal: Get back to straightening my knee in the above pose.  I could do it last week, but my sore legs haven’t let me this week.  Silly legs, I’m the boss.



The 6pm class was surprisingly empty for class 22. Our teacher, who is one of my favorites, was able to spend less time correcting the poses of first-timers, and instead focused on provided detailed instruction and demonstrating particularly difficult poses.  It helps that she is incredibly advanced in her practice and her body positioning in everything she does serves as a perfect example for bikram. Thanks to her instruction,  I now finally understand the throat-choking sensation that stimulates thyroid and para-thyroidal activity and produces a metallic taste in the mouth during the separate leg stretching pose. Feels good to be able to replicate the feelings that instructors keep talking about during each class.

Even though a nearly identical script is spoken throughout each class, there is no monotony in the workout from day-to-day because I’ve found that my body has different capabilities and limitations in each class. Like some of the instructors have said, the dialogue in class really is between the instructor’s words and the student’s body.  And it definitely changes every day.

Overall, I had a really strong class and have been feeling really in tune with my body lately.  I’m so pleased with the progress that L and I have made so far and I know that it only get’s better from here on out!  Last night, after class, the owner of the studio even suggested to us that we should consider teacher training (not considering it, btw- it’s $10,000- WHAT?).   In related thoughts-  why is bikram so expensive? I’m assuming it has something to do with the copyrighted postures and utility/sanitation bills for studios, but 180/month?

I’m feeling stronger both in and out of class, but my energy levels during the day are depleted. I’ve been trying to stay away from caffeine, but have been trouble staying alert during the day.  This may be a call for a slight change in sleeping patterns.

Lessons learned: If you aren’t replicating the feeling instructors say you should be experiencing during a posture (or if something seems “easy”) you are probably doing something wrong or misdirecting effort/energy

Goals: Get more sleep!





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