Day 23

11 Feb

I was worried that Day 23 would be a bad class since my last 3 classes have been so great, but was pleasantly surprised when the class ended up being pretty decent. C and I, along with my sister, went to the 6pm class and got spots in the front row.  The standing series started off really strong: I locked my knee for a second for the first time during standing head to knee pose and then had a really strong standing bow pose, kicking my leg farther than I have in the past.

Unfortunately, my strength somewhat dissipated after the standing series and the remainder of the class was rough for me.  From where I was sitting, I could see the room temperature and the humidity was really high.  I think I psyched myself out seeing this and never regained my focus.  The floor was radiating heat and I couldn’t stay calm.  I only sat out one posture (camel kicked my butt) but I still feel like I wasn’t trying as much as I usually do.  I agree with C when she says that messing up one pose sort of makes you forget how well the rest of the class went.  All you can focus one is how poorly that one pose went.  I need to work on that as well!!

Lesson learned: Don’t look at the room temperature!

Goal: Lock my knee in both sets of standing head to knee.


Class 23 was HOT.  We were right in the front of the class under a heat blower, which didn’t help.  Despite how uncomfortable the room was,  I had a strong standing series and was even able to straighten my leg in the pose pictured above (!!).  The instructor was Rana again, and she has a way of making class bearable with her soft encouragement. After the standing series, though, I just wanted to lay down and do nothing. But I didn’t. Instead I got through the floor poses and became really dizzy and tired…reminding me why I need to sleep and start eating better.  By the end of class I had completely exhausted any energy I had left and half-assed the rabbit pose, which I probably shouldn’t be doing because the forward compression serves a purpose in balancing the backwards bending of the camel (pictures below:)







Regardless, I still count this class as part of my awesome week-long streak. Well, Tuesday-Thursday. It feels great to really forget about all of the other things that are stressing me out and taxing me emotionally and focus on improving my body and mind for an hour and a half each day.  I’m sore most of the time, but I’m happy and I’m focused, and am really looking forward to the rest of our challenge.

Lessons learned: Staying away from the occasional glass of wine during the week really makes a difference in my practice/endurance.

Goals: Try not to crash and burn throughout the upcoming weekend like last.



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