Day 24

14 Feb

I woke up early to take the 6am class with my sister.  I usually enjoy the 6pm Friday class- the energy is always really high from people excited about the weekend- but I wanted my weekend to start at exactly 5:00 pm today.  Morning classes usually aren’t my forte, but I’m happy to report this morning’s class was great!  The studio owner was the instructor and I forgot how much I like his high-energy teaching style (haven’t had one of his classes in at least a week).  He knows everyone’s names and corrects you all throughout the class.  Mental breakdown challenge chick obviously didn’t appreciate this, but I think “calling people out” is helpful- if I’m doing something wrong, I want to correct it.

The instructor kept saying that this class was the best 6am class he’s taught in a while and I have to agree.  Everyone in the class, about 15 people…a little bigger than normal morning classes, was really motivated and focused.  The group energy is so important…and you don’t really notice it until you have either a really low energy/discombobulated class or a focused/unified class.  This morning was definitely the latter.

Current bikram injuries:
Bruise on my toe from dropping my water bottle on it last night
Permanent bruise/welts on my hip bones from the spine strengthening series
Scrape/welt on my chin from hitting it on the car door this morning (5:30am is early)
And then the omnipresent hamstring soreness…

Feeling sore, but still energetic, strong, and just good
Sleeping better for sure
Attempting to carry my calm post-bikram attitude throughout the entire day.  Breathe in through the nose, breathe out through the nose…

Lesson learned: My torso is crazy long…helpful in some postures, hindrance in others.

Goal: Attend more 6am classes.  I like the smaller classes, more instructor attention, and feeling of accomplishment from finishing my workout so early!



I did not wake up for the early class and ended up at the 6 pm class on Friday evening. I took a nice spot in the front corner (a place where I can clearly see myself and still hide from any teacher’s critical eye).  For lunch, I had chicken fingers and some french fries which really was a poor decision because I felt basically dead when I got to class. With my wonderful luck following me, Rana, our teacher of the last few classes, ends up plopping her stuff right next to me. Talk about pressure.  Surprisingly, it really helped to have her as a motivator throughout class.  She has such an amazing practice that I felt like I was drawing energy from her and using it to push myself through class.   To make is through the tough days, I’ve began dedicating my classes at the start of each session. Whether it is to a person or an idea or myself, it really helps to have a purpose for each class.   Because my mind tends to wander onto a variety of subjects, especially during savasanas, dedicating my thoughts to a single purpose have now consolidated my mind-wandering and really improved my practice.

Unfortunately, I still have no balance in the standing head-to-knee pose and have a lot of work to do, but my standing bow pose has really been awesome lately and I have been going deeper into this expression (which is basically a standing backbend) than I have ever before. I’ll follow L’s structuring  on explaining my current state of mind/body:


Current bikram injuries:
Trapezius muscle/general shoulder tightness
Shin pain (? no idea what this is from since bikram is supposed to be low-impact)
Hamstring pain

I’m sore and exhausted (visible in my under-eye circles).  Haven’t been getting enough sleep  at all.
Despite my exhaustion, I’m more focused and calm (possibly because I’m too tired to have an opinion?)
Starting to feel stronger and noticing small changes in my body’s construction for the better.                                                So happy and proud of our accomplishments thus far. I’m eager to see what the next 40+ days bring!

Lessons learned: It’s good to be around people who motivate you in a positive way. So position yourself accordingly (my best classes are always near a really awesome yogi and when I’m next to L)

Goal: Start eating better!  No more pizza and buffalo chicken dip.



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