Day 25

14 Feb

Saturday day classes are usually disasters.  Fortunately (for me), I didn’t go out or even do much of anything the night before so I was ready to go for the 4pm class.  Earlier in the day, I finally broke down and went to lululemon.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

A tank top specifically designed for hot yoga, cinches up on the sides and has a special fabric designed to increase wicking abilities when you are dying in the torture chamber day after day.

Shorts that aren’t ridiculously short in order to hide my booty (something a lot of girls refuse to do) during class.

Capris made of organic cotton that have a nice amount of elastic and definitely flatter.

The damage on my wallet ended up being substantial because this place is incredibly overpriced, but DAMN I felt like a new woman in class.  We had a teacher for the first time today, Jayna, and I can’t really remember much about her because I was too busy starting a my million dollar outfit and slowly melting me in “90-minute moving meditation”.  But I think this means that she was a good teacher.  Class went really well, and my roommate came along with L and I because she wanted to see if going to class would help her head cold, which had been slowly developing throughout the week. Turns out, it did!   In other news, this whole dedicating classes to a single stream of thoughts has really re-tracked my focus and helped me block the outside world in each class. Left class feeling invigorated and fresh.

Lessons learned: Maybe fancy pants yoga clothes are worth it, if not only for being able to admire them thorughout class.

Goals: Work on finishing class strong. I have caught myself really slacking off in the two stretching postures at the end of class.


For a Saturday class, today was okay.  For a normal class, this was a disaster.  I went out with friends on Friday night for a Valentine girls night and drank a lot.  So this of course translated into a miserable class.  My friend was visiting and came to the 4pm class with C and me, and I was hoping to impress her with my newfound bikram skills.  Instead, I impressed her with my amazing savasana skills.  This was the second class this week where I felt decently strong during the standing series and then just lost it during the floor series.  Every time I got to savasana (the little 30 second break between each floor posture), I felt horrible.  Heat was surrounding me like a cloud and I felt dizzy and nauseous.  I couldn’t even attempt camel pose and stared at the door for the remainder of the class.

Next weekend, I’m staying in on Friday and hydrating.  I can’t handle too many more bad classes like this one.

Lesson learned: Drinking isn’t worth the hangover or the bikram death class.

Goal: Stop sucking at Saturday classes.



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