Day 26

14 Feb

After yesterday’s miserable class and yesterday night’s sake bombs, I was NOT looking forward to bikram.  I whined all day from the couch.  I whined on the car ride over.  I whined outside of the studio.  I whined inside the studio and defiantly (lazily?) put my mat farther back in the room.  And then…I had a great class.  No dizziness, no nausea, no hangover, no sitting down during standing series, no lying down during floor series.  I had great balance during standing bow pose.  I put my forehead on the ground during standing separate leg stretch.  I stretched farther in bow pose (below) than I ever have before.  And I left the class happy that I showed up.

The scheduled instructor for the class didn’t show up, and the owner ended up teaching the class.  He was obviously not happy about it, but still taught an amazing class.  One of my favorite parts of bikram is how amazing and inspiring all of the instructors are.  Everyone has a slightly different teaching style- some are really energetic, others are soothing and calm, and some are all business.  But they’re all really good at what they do and all push you to go farther than you thought possible.

Lesson learned:  I think I’ve said this before, but I’m constantly surprised at how different each class can be.  Yesterday’s class was soooo bad…and then all of a sudden, today’s was better!

Goal: Work on standing head to knee.  This pose is near the beginning, but I still rarely have the energy to attempt to kick my leg out.


Sunday night class came after a day of doing absolutely nothing.  I woke up late (around 11a) and then couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything throughout the day.  It wasn’t a lazy hungover-type day (although I did have a few sake bombs), but instead I’m thinking that my body needed me to slow down and just relax.  After 25 days of yoga, I felt sore EVERYWHERE, including places I didn’t even know could be sore. Alas, I slept and snacked all day and didn’t fight my exhaustion, especially since I had such a productive Saturday and was able to get all of my cleaning and normal Sunday “things” done already.  So, still feeling drowsy and unmotivated, I  headed to the 6pm class with my roommate and L.

Our teacher didn’t show up for class, so the owner (one of my favorite teachers) gave an impromptu class. Today was the first time I’ve worn shorts and it made me a lot cooler during class but made certain poses (tree and padagustasana) a LOT more difficult because my legs were all slippery.  Class was pretty good!  Despite the fact that I was worn out by the floor series, I had a strong standing series. One pose, however, was particularly strong for me during the floor series. During cheerleading workouts in college, we always called this one the superman, but in bikram it’s called the full locust pose:

This pose is intended to strengthen the middle back.  I assume that before  I  had just not given it fair effort (dismissing it as something that I could already do) and  have now discovered how challenging this pose can really be with full effort.  I guess that’s the cool thing about this challenge, there is always new ways to challenge yourself.

Lessons learned: In the poses that come naturally, there is always room to push further and possibly work different parts of the body.

Goals: Do not get distracted by weird people in class anymore (like the guy with clean-shaven legs? gross.)



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