Day 27

14 Feb

The studio is going to be closed for a day and a half starting today to add more insulation and reduce it’s carbon footprint, so C and I were forced the attend the 6am Monday class this morning.  I stayed up late watching the Grammy’s and stuffing my face with Chinese food, so 5:15 am this morning crept up on me fast.  Five hours of sleep is just not enough and I spent the whole class yawning.  I didn’t sit down or feel really dizzy or anything, but I just wasn’t motivated.  My balance was a little off and my hamstrings were burning for the entire class. My arms were sore and sleepy and my elbows have been hurting lately…I would guess from locust pose.

(While looking for a locust pose picture on Google, this video popped up.  It’s INSANE.  My legs are about 3 inches off the ground in this pose.  I didn’t even know it was possible to bring them up this high!)

Last week (or Monday through Friday at least) I had fairly awesome classes and I was starting to think that maybe I’m getting good at this!  But Saturday and this morning’s classes have me a little discouraged.  I’m tired, really really tired.  And my body is sore- it hurts to walk, I wake up with throbbing knees every morning, and my ankle/top of the foot muscles won’t crack and it’s driving me nuts.  I’m going to make a huge effort this week to eat healthier, drink tons of water, and go to bed by 10pm every night in hopes that I’ll recover from class a little faster than I am.

Lesson learned: I watch too much tv.

Goal: Figure out where I’m taking bikram tomorrow since our studio is closed!


Valentine’s day yoga!  L and I were the only ones who dressed for the part (I wore pink, she wore red), why are yogis so anti- vday? Everyone else was in black.  After yoga last night I was unable to get myself to eat much of anything,  which I knew could create problems for 6am class the next day, so I just had a mini-bagel with cream cheese.  I was, however, able to rehydrate and get to bed at a decent hour (nothing worth seeing in the second half of the Grammy’s anyway).  In the morning,  I (of course) chose a few extra minutes of sleep over actually getting myself prepared for class and ended up forgetting to eat breakfast.  This could have created problems, but I grabbed a gatorade when I got to the studio so my body had something to run on.  I ended up being a-OK.

The teacher for our class was new to L and me, but she was great. Her voice was incredibly encouraging, so much so that I could hear her smile through her dialogue and it really helped push me through class.  I started out having a little bit of trouble in the breathing exercises, and was unable to breathe in and out as deeply as I normally would but eventually got over my shortness of breath.  It wasn’t ridiculously hot in class like it has been in the past few days, and I’m assuming it has something to do with humidity (fewer students= lower humidity).  I did notice that I had very little balance today in the three consecutive single-leg poses, but I tried to stay focused on myself and the day’s dedication and ended up having a really strong class…the instructor even complimented me after class (even if she did this to everyone, it still made me feel great!).

Our studio is closed tomorrow and I plan on heading to a studio that I’ve been to twice before near work. Neither of the times were particularly pleasant and this studio 1) isn’t nearly as clean-smelling or a pretty as ours 2) has meaner instructors and 3) doesn’t give minty towels at the end of class. womp womp.  I guess I can suck it up for one day. Currently trying to recruit people to go with me from work.

I’m still experiencing a lot of pain in my upper back/shoulders and in my shins, which has led me to my decision to book a massage, something recommended for people doing the 30 or 60 day challenge. Hopefully this helps.

Lessons learned: Morning classes are great for days when you get enough sleep and aren’t afraid of being called out (in a good or bad way).

Goals: Don’t eat too many chocolates on ❤ day



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