Guest blogger A: Yogibears

16 Feb

A is C’s baby sister, and has been a Yogi Bear for about 1 month now, and has been to Hot Yoga a total of 4 times…and is basically a Yogi Pro.

Like a Pro, I land that Savasana pose many maaany times during that ninety minutes in the chamber of secrets. (uhh I mean torture chamber) To be quite honest, the first time before entering the chamber on my Inagural Yogi Day (January 18, 2011), I was so scared I thought I was gonna vom all over C and L. (saary) The entire first class, all i remember was staring really creepy at big sis C trying to telepathically tell her “Yo, listen I have a feeling I might die in this class.” and her giving me death stares back saying “A, if you look at me one more time I will pummel your a$$.” After that class, I decided to buy 10 more classes, because I thought the peppermint towels at the end were DEFINITELY worth 20 bucks and ninety minutes engaged in a death match with my body. I made reservations to return the next night, but due to being stuck in a ditch and hitchhiking home during Snowpocolypse 2k11, I sadly could not make it until a few days later.

Anyway, the next few classes (count them…3…BOOM…I win at life) I thoroughly enjoyed having a tete-a-tete wif ma bootiful body! Also, the advise you need to adhere to when engaged in a hot yoga class would be these few things: 1. Don’t vomit in class (sorry L’s friend) 2. Don’t pass out in class (sorry teal shirt girl) 3. Don’t eat spaghetti before class (sorry to me, that caused about 17 savasanas during class) 4. Don’t leave class before its over [you miss the peppermint towels (heaven on a white cloth)] 5. Don’t get dressed, and hydrate to go to class, only to get there at 7:30pm and wait around until your sister gets out of class, then follow her to the grocery store stating “I couldn’t go, there were no parking spots” (sometimes I am seriously diluted, because honey there were about 45 spots open)


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