Guest Blogger K: Bikram Bro-ga

16 Feb

K is C’s co-worker and is well-versed in many things including chinese yo-yo, origami, ballroom dancing, pumping iron, and cooking.  This is his 3rd bikram experience.

Sup bros.

Aights, so yesterday this bro went to Yoga.  What kind of exercise is called Yoga? Yo if Bikram wants more bros at his Yoga, he should call it Bro-ga (high five).

Aight soz from the start, so we start it up with some serious action here.  We’re talkin the intense smell of people sweating from way too much yoga.  But you know it’s a legit experience because this be how they do it in India.

So I be hitting the poses (like a boss), must’ve been the 2 energy drinks I had before practice, yea what up, this boy got ENDURANCE (heeeeeey).  But man this class was intense yo, even one of the teacher trainees had to lie down, and that bro has been doing this for 2.5 years.

L and C were doing awesome, hitting that Bow pose like a boss, but man this bro was having trouble maintaining balance.  This bro had to take a break and savasana after bhujangasana cuz it was getting a little hard to breathe-a.

Anyways, so then this bro hit that salabhasana, stretched it waaay out and climaxing (what up) in the poorna. All those years pretending to be an airplane? Yea, that was practice for hitting that Full Locust Pose.

Rest of the workout was great, felt like I just fought a bear and won, with 2 hands tied behind my back, blindfolded.  So if you want to feel as manly as me, make sure you check out your local Broga studio.

Tune in next time when I hit up anti-gravity Yoga.

P.S. All those poses you just hit?  Yea. Kama Sutra. That’s what she said.


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