Guest Blogger W: The Healing Powers of Bikram

16 Feb

Because this has been an experience we have shared with many people in our lives, we have decided to invite our friends and family to share their bikram experiences here on our blog!  Our first guest blogger is W (C’s roommate and a dear friend of ours) who had her first bikram class in January with us!

W’s Story:

I got my flu shot in October of last year and, as a result of nurse error, suffered through months of pain and increasing stiffness in my shoulder. I finally decided to go to the orthopedist when it got to the point that I couldn’t lift my arm above my waist without physically moving it with my other arm. It was nearly impossible to get dressed, and any motion that required me to rotate my left arm outward (for example opening a door, or searching for clothes in my closet) caused me excruciating pain. In therapy I used therabands to begin training my shoulder blade and back muscles to engage during certain motions. I had lost this natural function after months of compensating because of the pain. By the end of my therapy I experienced much less pain, but was significantly weaker in my injured shoulder and arm than in my non-injured arm.

I still favored my left side and really didn’t regain any strength until very recently. C began doing Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) and I decided to join her. What is so great about this yoga is that it is all about stretching, realigning your skeleton, and strengthening your spine and back. Literally within 2 classes, my back felt stronger almost as if I had awakened my shoulder blade and back muscles. I now am feeling stronger and opening heavy doors, holding heavy grocery bags, and using a outward rotation movement with my left arm is much easier for me. Even during my physical therapy, my favorite exercises were the stretching ones. A lot of my pain was associated with inflammation in the shoulder and surrounding muscles. By stretching, you release a lot of that tension and allow the blood to flow to the injured tissues which leads to increased healing. I seriously swear by Bikram’s healing power on the tendinitis in my shoulder.

This weekend I had another miraculous healing experience at Bikram. As a first grade teacher, I am exposed to so many different germs on a daily basis and get sick ALL THE TIME. I had been looking forward to a “girls weekend” but was disappointed to come down with an awful cold on Friday morning. C encouraged me to go to yoga anyway – that the 105 degree temperature would cause a self induced fever and the humidity would help the sinuses. I was apprehensive about the experience and concerned that I might die half way through. I spent half the class lying down, but after an hour and a half of being in the room and attempting as many poses as possible, I was significantly less congested and re-energized. As a result, I was able to enjoy some quality girl time on Saturday night 🙂

Lesson Learned: Bikram heals.


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