Day 29

17 Feb

Ahhh. It felt good to be back at our nice, clean, incense-filled studio. Our instructor was Rana, who I usually have solid classes with, so me, L and L’s sister all confidently took spots near the front of the classroom. A girl who constantly checks out her butt in the side mirror and fixes her hair throughout class conveniently stood behind me (ugh) but regardless of her annoying distractions, I was able to focus throughout most of the time and have a strong class. It felt so nice to be in a studio where I didn’t feel like I was going to contract legionnaires’ disease.

There is nothing remarkable to report about class but I did today find a quote that just about sums up how I’m feeling right now about bikram/life:

I guess [the] Hot Yoga experience is sort of an anecdote for my life right now. I just want to pour myself out in this life…. give all I can to each day, each conversation I have with a person, to each creative endeavor. I want to be tired at the end of my life- tired in the best way possible. Like a Hot yoga tired. That feeling of knowing that even though it doesn’t feel good during the process, the end result is greatness. Nothing in life that is meaningful is EVER easy… that is something I am learning as I grow up. I’m glad I am learning it now so that way I can get over the rough patches with tenacity and stick it out knowing that things that really matter take lots of hard work. What I’m discovering is that the “hard part” is a beautiful refinement process happening within us towards a positive change, a bigger heart and bigger eyes to see what lies ahead. So although it is hard… it is a beautiful kind of difficult. One that reaps fruit in our lives. This is going to be an exciting year… I can just feel it in my soul… but exciting usually also means challenging and hard. I’m preparing myself to run the race marked out for me. (thanks

In other news, I’m incredibly sore today. Not in one specific place but all over my body, and it feels great!

Lessons learned: Don’t stand near the serially-distracted girls during class or else you will become one.

Goals: Keep working on engaging the thigh and leg muscles during the standing head-to-knee pose.


I was so happy to be back in our normal studio!  Bikram’s hard enough with all of the heat, humidity, sweat dripping everywhere, and soreness- I don’t also need to think about germs attacking my body!  Because I was so excited to be back, I ended up having a great class.  I pushed myself harder and ignored my hamstring soreness (I’m sure I’ll pay for that later) and got a lot farther into several poses including standing bow pose, triangle pose, and bow pose.  The half moon pose (first in the standing series) is still giving me problems- something about the 4th step in that pose just kills me.

Rana was our instructor and I’ve found that I always feel like she’s talking directly to me during class.  All of her corrections, “square your hips, lock your elbow, lock your knee, turn in your shoulder, flex your foot, etc,” always seem to coincide with exactly what I need to correct.  And for this reason, I feel like I always have a better practice when she’s the instructor.  I even look up from time to time to see if she’s looking directly at me, and about 90% of the time, she’s not.  I’m sure that everyone else in the class has the same corrections to make, but it’s still a little freaky.  But freaky in a good way.

Also! I cleaned my mat…I’ve now erased all memories from the germy studio. Phew.

And!  Maybe this is all in my head, but this is the second day in a row that my pants have felt too big 🙂

Lesson learned: Don’t wear ballet flats 3 days in a row.  My arch’s were killing me during this class and kept cramping up!

Goal: Work on half-moon pose.



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