Day 30: Half way there!

18 Feb

I was not prepared for day 30 at all.  I had a super boring day at work and so my boredom-induced obesity kicked in.  And I ate everything in sight- and then when I ran out of food, I went to CVS and bought more.  So when 6pm came around, I felt gross and not at all excited to sit in a hot room for 90 minutes.  Luckily I’ve got C (and Rihanna) to pump me up and I ended up having a pretty good class- nothing specifically worth mentioning though.

Random thoughts about class/bikram/life:
The room was HOT.  The new insulation obviously worked…and made me wanna die a couple of times.

My butt was sore all day yesterday and I couldn’t figure out which posture hurt me.  Thought it would be awkward pose…found out in class that it was actually the floor series bow pose.  Good to know?

One woman during class mentioned that she had a burrito for lunch.  Just thinking about it made me want to puke.

I agree with C when she says bikram makes your hair grow.  My hair is out of control long right now!

Bananas from Giant are either super yellow or green for days-that bugs me.

Really glad that we extended this challenge to 6o days.  I’m NO WHERE close to being goood/being where I hope to be!

Lesson learned: I don’t need to eat an entire box of Special K poptarts. Ever. Again.

Goal: I need to go back to focusing on my breathing.  The new room heat has me thrown.


I went into Day 30 so excited to complete one half of our challenge, but after 30 seconds in that room I wanted to run for the door. It was unbearably hot.  I struggled through the entire standing series simply because I couldn’t breathe and I was just trying to make it through.  Despite the difficulty, I would not allowed myself to sit any of the poses out, so I just ended up falling out of a lot of them. 

During class, I started to realize that the heat was even making it hard to think.  I couldn’t remember how to contort my body correctly in the postures and I ended up just having to rely on the instructor to think for me throughout the class. This is why I really like bikram, the teachers are constantly talking and reminding you and your body how to optimize the benefit of each posture. The only high point of the class was the half-tortoise pose:

I can’t reiterate enough how much I love love love the energy rush that comes along with this pose. It is an active posture, as you are expected to stretch your hips to your heels and extend the arms forward throughout the posture, but it is so relaxing and energizing at the same time. And it comes toward the tail end of class, where the energy is much needed.

Reflecting on my first 30 days, I have definitely noticed changes, but I have a long way to go and am so glad that I have 30 more days to do so!

Lessons learned: My body is capable of much more than I have ever thought (never have I actually worked out hard for 30 days in a row).

Goals: Focus on locked my knees out and engaging the thigh muscles to provide a solid foundation for each of the single-leg standing exercises.  



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