Day 31

23 Feb

Friday night class was completely empty. It was an absolutely gorgeous day (75 in mid February!) so most opted to stay out of the studio. It ended up being only me and 3 other women in class, which really intimidated me. Rana was teaching and I knew that each of us would be getting extra attention, but instead of being critical, she was encouraging throughout the class. Each woman in the class was pretty experienced and it ended up being a wonderful class. The rhythm of the class was face-paced with no fuss or story-telling. I spent the majority of the standing series focusing on locking out my legs and engaging my leg muscles throughout the entire 90-minute class. This is actually a lot harder than i thought and has made me aware of how I compensate by bending my legs sometimes to stabilize myself.

Having all of these strong classes in a row is starting to scare me! Thinking that this weekend may be rough…

Lessons learned: Smaller classes are so much better

Goals: Stop hiding in the front corner of the room


I went to the 6am class ALONE- my first solo bikram class. I was a little bit nervous about going alone, but it ended up being a really strong class.  Since bikram is supposed to be a meditation with yourself, I tried really hard to focus only on myself.  I even got a compliment from the instructor on my standing bow pose!  But while this was a strong class, the ‘new” heat in the room really got to me again.  During the spine strengthening series I felt like I was gasping for air.  The humidity was really high even though it was a small morning class.  After class, the instructor/owner told me I can’t “hide out” from the heat in the 6am classes anymore.  No fair.

Lesson learned: Classes are more fun when they end with a C high-five!

Goal: Go to more morning classes.  Free afternoons (especially in 70 degree weather) make morning classes worth it!



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