Day 32

23 Feb

Ugh.  Not even sure how to sum up this class. Friday night was so fun- beautiful weather, free ticket to the oyster and beer festival on the water, dance party at C’s place- great night.  Saturday morning, I woke up somewhat early, so I figured I’d go to the 10am class since I had plans later that afternoon.  Bad idea.  Really, really bad idea.   Bikram on a stomach full of oysters, beer, 5 hour energy and chips is HARD.  I spent a good amount of the class sitting or lying in savasana yelling at myself (in my head of course). Whyyyyyy do I do this to myself?

Only plus of class: my hangover was left in a puddle on the floor.

Lesson learned: I don’t think I learned anything.  I’m 99% sure I’d repeat Friday night again, despite the bikram consequences- fun night 🙂

Goal: Stop hating/sucking at Saturday classes.


I had a relatively strong class on Saturday.  The night before I had gone out to eat with friends and had a few drinks, said dance party, and late night jersey shore viewing at my apartment, but mainly kept my intake low, knowing that I had felt the wrath of my Friday night drinking decisions before in class and didn’t want to go there again. So during the day, I slept and hydrated and ordered myself food because it was windy and cold out (huge contrast from the gorgeous night before).

I went, along with my roommate (guest blogger W) and L’s roommate, to the 4pm and had an instructor that we hadn’t had in a while, which was a nice change of pace.  She kept encouraging us the entire class, telling us how much we were in sync as a class (read: no first timers) and the group dynamic really encouraged me to push myself throughout class.  I felt so incredibly energized during class and even found myself smiling and relaxing during the floor series.  I was also reminded of my love for the fixed firm pose:

This pose acts as a tourniquet for the calves, ankles, knees and feet and when released, freshly oxygenated blood rushed to these areas as of the body, flushing away unnecessary scar tissue and circulating blood flow.  This has helped my leg (which is healing from a dermatological incision) heal more quickly than I assume it would have if I was not doing bikram. Although I have no evidence to prove this, I know that my body is always improving and healing consistently throughout this process. Today was one of those classes that reminded me why I love bikram!

Lessons learned: Bikram is crack and I can’t get enough

Goals: Take it easy at my friend engagement party tonight, as to not make tomorrow (which includes a 10am class and a trip back to Jersey to see my parents) awful.



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