Day 34

23 Feb

Death bed.  Physically impossible for me to take class.

There goes my perfect bikram record. Damn it.


Monday night brought bikram time with Mom and Dad 🙂

We had spent a nice day at the jersey shore, looking at houses to rent for this summer and I took on the roll of hydration police throughout the entire ride to and from (~2 hours).  I was so excited to be about to share this experience with my parents, given that it has become such a big part of (err..taken over) my life as of late. Although my father refused to admit so, they were nervous about their first  class, so I gave them a crash course in what to expect (just as L and I have to most of our friends) and  we arrived at the studio nice and early to get all set up.  I took a spot right in front of them and started to notice how not hot it was in there. I’m thinking it was mayyybe 90 degrees. And as much as I want to say I’d prefer that, I was actually disappointing.   I felt like I was about to cheat myself.  Thankfully, as class started, the room began to heat up quickly. I had a really strong class (probably because I felt like I needed to set an example), and my parents were AWESOME!  I couldn’t have been more proud of them.  They each lasted the entire class and didn’t have to sit through any of the poses 🙂 After the class, they found out that they are each eligible to attend the studio (as first timers) for free in the next 9 days.  I really hope that they return together!

I’m hoping for L’s timely recovery at this point and feel awful that she’s feeling so yuck and can’t imagine how frustrating these past two days have been! Tomorrow, my mom and I plan to attend a 6am class at another location in Jersey, but the forecast is calling for a late-February snow storm :/  Hopefully all goes well…

Lessons learned: My parents are awesome!  And it’s so much fun to introduce people to bikram.

Goals: Get them back to the studio!






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