Day 35

23 Feb

Missed another class.  I didn’t think  it’d be smart to attempt a class when I’m still pretty dehydrated from Sunday’s puke-fest.

Now I have to do 2 double class days .  😦

I was pretty upset at first that this 24 hour flu thing derailed the challenge.  I really wanted to take one class, every single day for 60 days and never have to double up classes.  But I think taking these 2 days off may actually be beneficial.  My body’s had the opportunity to repair itself- for the first day in weeks, my hamstrings aren’t sore and I didn’t wake up with throbbing knees.  I”m going to take Day 36 pretty easy and not give it 100%, but I have a feeling it’ll be a strong class.

Goal: Double-up at least once this weekend.


Stupid yoga studio was closed because of snow. My streak comes to an end on Day 35. Looks like I’ll be joining L for at least one double. mrahh.

So dissappointed and annoyed.




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