Day 36

24 Feb

I’m healed!  And after a day of hydrating and eating healthy, I was ready to go back to bikram.  And it looks like the universe was looking out for me a little bit: we got to class and were told that the heat was broken and that class would be held in an 85/90 degree room instead…fine by me!  I felt great throughout class (my balance was a little bit off, but I’ll blame the cold room) and it felt good being back.  Taking class in a regularly heated room was a lot different than I expected: I fidgeted a lot more, but I could also focus more on the actual poses and less on the extreme heat, and the class as a whole was a little less focused/high energy with a lot of side conversations and looks- every time I looked up my sister was staring at me!

A few poses I found significantly harder in a cold room:

Eagle Pose: It was a lot harder to wrap my arms and legs when they weren’t drenched with sweat and I lost my balance each set.

Fixed Firm Pose:  Yowsas!  This pose has never bothered me before, but without the heat, my lower back never warmed up and this pose killed me.

Camel Pose: Once again, I missed the sweat!  Because my towel and pants weren’t drenched, my knees kept slipping…which is scary when you’re in a back bend!

Lesson learned: I’m glad I took those 2 days “off.”  I (and my hamstrings) needed the break and I feel re-dedicated to the challenge.

Goal: Depending on the outcome of Thursday’s class, I’m going to do a 6am/6pm combo on Friday!


It was a nice little surprise that the heater was broken at our studio.  I figured it’d be a chance to of slack off…which it was in certain respects. Bikram in 81-90 degres rocks. My grip was so much stronger and I had time to think about my positioning and control my body movements without my heart beating in my face and sweat dripping everywhere.  In other respects, however, the class was more difficult than usual.  Time seems to drag, I was hyper aware of the smells of the room, and I was not nearly as flexible as I usually am during class (especially during the floor series).  All in all, I kind of feel like it was a nice change of pace, but that I somehow cheated myself out of a much-needed sloppy sweat session.   Regardless, the heater is fixed today and I’m looking forward to getting back on track with my classes.  This has been a weird week…

Lessons learned: Cooler isn’t always better. Just different.

Goals: Stay on track this weekend despite a planned trip to nyc with sis and friends 🙂



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