Day 38

28 Feb

L and I (plus L’s sister) got up nice and early to attend the 6am Friday morning class. I was surprised at the number of people there for a typically sparse time slot (there were well over 10 people). Despite the amount of people, the owner of the studio (who instructed our class) gave incredibly detailed and helpful encuoragment and critiques during class. Today was the first time I was able to touch my foot to the back of my calf during Eagle pose!

This is something I never thought would happen!  But it did…so naturally. I was thrilled. And this wave of energy and excitement carried me through the class. I felt back to normal and even stronger than I had before the weirdness of the past few days.  I think my body just needed some time to regroup. I’m feeling more flexible than ever and much more confident in my practice. I am excited to try out a new studio this weekend in NYC (taking a trip with my sister to see a show and visit my city girls!) It felt so great to have a strong class, let alone a strong morning class 🙂

Lessons learned: 38 days of yoga actually may make changes in body capabilities. Starting the day with a good stretch and meditation is amazing.

Goals: Don’t drop the ball this weekend while traveling!


Welp, I DID IT!!  Two bikram classes in one day.  And honestly, it wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be.  I’m a little amazed that I actually did it- I don’t think I’ve ever worked out 3 hours in one day, let alone 3 hours in over 100 degree heat!

Morning class- Went to the 6am with C and my sister.  Felt so strong all throughout class.  I never feel this good during a morning class- it was a great change of pace from the normal yawn-filled morning classes.  After class, a first-timer asked C and me how long we’d been practicing.  When we told her just over a month, she told us it looked like we’d been practicing bikram for years.  Highlight.of.the.challenge. 🙂

Afternoon class: Went to the 6pm class alone.  I don’t like going to classes alone, but I was standing next to another challenger (a super nice one, not that crazy chick) so I didn’t feel too isolated.  And I had another great class!  I expected to sit or lie down multiple times during class, but I didn’t at all.  I made a huge effort during the day to hydrate and eat super healthy, and it really paid off.  There was nothing especially notable during class, but I was so proud of myself after class– really great feeling.

Lesson learned: I’ve said this over and over, but I’m amazed once again at what I can actually do. Three hours practicing bikram in one day…who knew!!?

Goal: C and I have one more double day to knock out.  I’m thinking a repeat next Friday would be perfect!



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