Day 41

1 Mar

Monday was yuck.  Besides the normal Monday blahs, it was raining…and I didn’t have an umbrella. I spent most of the afternoon feasting on dark chocolate Easter eggs and then walked the 4 blocks to the metro in the rain. Yuck.  I show up to class with less than 10 minutes to spare (I like being early so I can take my time) and immediately the owner tells me he wants me to make more of an effort to smile during class.  Sorry Charlie, not gonna happen today.  And to top it off, he was standing 2 rows behind me, and another instructor was standing directly behind me.  Pressure!

Despite my crappy mood, I had a pretty good class.  Nothing extraordinary or note-worthy, but a good class nonetheless.  I have been noticing lately that I’m exhausted towards the end of class.  So when head to knee pose and stretching pose and spine stretching pose come along, I’m only half attempting them.

Head to Knee Pose and Stretching Pose Spine-Twisting Pose

Not really sure why all of a sudden I’m too tired to give any real effort in these 2 poses.  I’ll blame camel for now.

Lesson learned: Rain makes me grumpy.

Goal: Stop shooting down positive people’s advice.  All of the instructors have such good advice/positive things to say- I need to stop rolling my eyes at it when I’m having a crap day.  It’s rude and my ocular muscles might eject my eyeballs. (Liz Lemon ref fyi)


What a gross day. I walked to yoga in the pouring rain and showed up feeling gross, damp, tired, and cranky. I was still incredibly exhausted from the weekend and the impromptu wine fest/oscar viewing the night before.  Knowing that I could usually escape the instructor’s periphery in the front corner of the room, I placed myself (along with L) right there and was promptly surrounded by two teachers. REALLY?

I spent the class just trying to get by and nearly falling asleep during each savasana.  But some things that I have been noticing in class are what I wear really determines how I feel in class by not only determining how hot or uncomfortable class is but how happy with my appearance I am during class.  Shorts in February, yuck. Also, I may be turning into one of those annoying people at the gym/studio when I think this but there are unwritten rules in bikram (i.e. don’t put your mat directly in front of or too close to somebody) and when these are broken, it is incredibly irritating.  I notice these things more and let them get to me when I am unfocused/unmotivated.  I guess it’s my way of diverting my attention  as to not focus on my inability to perform.

I have been drastically improving one of my most dreaded poses (dandayamana janushirasana):

Although I am still struggling to straighten both of my legs in the posture, I am getting closer each day and it feel so good!

In other news, looks like we are planning on making up a class on Friday, so planning on doing a 6am/6pm class that day.  Actually looking forward to my first double!



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