Day 43

3 Mar

I woke up early for the 6am class again, but I was a lot sleepier this morning. Book club last night meant wine and a dinner of apps, so I didn’t feel prepared for class at all. I was determined to still have a good class (I even wore a hot pink tank to pump me up) and put my mat in the front row. Left the room for about 5 minutes and returned to find that someone put their mat DIRECTLY BESIDE mine. Excuse me? It’s a 6am class…plenty of space in the room….and that chick chose to put her mat thisclose to mine? I could have reached over and knocked her down- that’s how close she was! So naturally, I spent the first 30 minutes of class fuming and glaring at myself in the mirror. I eventually chilled out, but I never really got my focus back. I try really hard to take the other yogis into account when I put my mat down so this morning’s class (and C’s post from the other day) got me thinking and I now present….

L’s Unwritten Rules of Bikram:

  • There are 4 rows in our studio….follow the rules. Don’t block someone’s mirror line and DON’T EVER put your mat unnecessarily close to another yogi. You’re a hot sweaty mess, and I don’t wanna touch that.
  • No talking during class- it’s annoying.
  • Don’t wear anything that lets your butt hang out. No explanation needed.
  • Don’t look at me during class. It makes me look at you. And then the entire class is filled with awkward on and off eye contact with a sweaty stranger.
  • Please don’t breathe weirdly. (Yesterday during the final breathing exercise, a guy beside me was whistling with every breath. Took everything I had not to laugh.)
  • Girls- please don’t strip down after class and put all your nakedness so close to me. I get that your clothes are sweaty and you want to shower, but EWWW.

Lesson learned: I can’t be zen. So many outside factors just drive me nuts!

Goal: Work on my triangle pose. It’s been really difficult for me lately.


I’m a late riser so I opted for an evening class. Throughout the day I was exhausted so I decided to use my extra hours from the day before and leave work a little early. I made it in time for the 4pm class, which is significantly less crowded than the 6pm. Which is good, because I’ve been really irritable lately in class and needed my space. Some observations during class:

  • I have not been eating properly and it is seriously affecting my practice. Sweet and sour chicken and wonton soup for lunch? Who am I? I must work on this.
  • Every single pose that was originally easy for me is now extremely difficult. Which can only mean one thing… I was doing the poses wrong. Dur.
  • My perception of myself, capabilities, and my body changes drastically from day to day. I have been really hard on myself lately and in somewhat of a slump. I think a strong class may be able to break me out of this.
  • I shed so much during class (and out of class). I’m sick of having my long brown hair stuck to my legs and towel and arms during class. I think it’s time for a haircut, considering that it’s been growing like wildfire since the start of this challenge.

I’ve also been taking note of the way the instructors influence my performance. There are certain instructor who clearly expect more of me during class and I find myself really pushing during those sessions, but when I have a new or unfamiliar instructor, it’s easier to go at 70% throughout the class…which I know is bad but after 40 some off days of yoga. I feel like in some class I deserve to focus on my calmness and sanity instead of strength and flexibility. This is a union of mind and body after all, right? WINNING.







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