Day 44

4 Mar

I opted to take the 6pm class after work for day 44. I was in dire need of a strong class, as my will power, motivation, and general affinity for bikram was starting to fade.  To my luck, I had a wonderful class for the first time in a while. I was balanced, focused, and steady throughout the hour and a half. I didn’t even let fleece-wearing crazy girl bother me when she forced the teacher to jack up the temperature a few degrees during class (GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU WANT TO SWEAT TO DEATH).  I think my healthyish food choices during the day, combined with the presence of a bunch of newcomers in the row behind me really fueled my desire to perform.

After class, I was talking with another challenger, an incredibly sweet lady named Lia.  We were discussing how we felt (she’s on day 35ish) and she told me that she was tired, which I have also been feeling, but she also told me that she already lost 18 pounds! I couldn’t believe that she had experienced such drastic results so quickly. The last time I weighed myself (around day 25), I had actually gained 2 lbs. I think the reason I am not dropping weight so easily is because I just really needed to tone up. And, like I mentioned in my 40 day check-in, I have definitely noticed a change in my body.  And my friend who hadn’t seen me in 2 months said she noticed that my face (and butt) looked more svelte. I’ll take it!

Regardless, bikram and I are back on and I can’t wait for class tonight, when I finally get to have a class with L. It feels like it’s been forever and after day 45, we are TOTALLY in the home stretch!


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same strong class that C did.  I went to the 4pm class and was just smad (thats sad/mad) the entire time.  The heat wasn’t anywhere near hot enough until the floor series, so poses that usually aren’t hard for me took a lot more effort (if it’s not hot enough, your muscles don’t warm up so you feel sore a lot quicker).  I didn’t sit down or sit out any poses, I just didn’t try very hard.  I barely even drank water- just didn’t want to put forth any sort of effort at all.

I’m in a self-induced workout rut.  I’m so bored with doing the exact same workout (especially since I haven’t been seeing the results I’d like to). Too bad my name’s written on the wall for everyone to see…can’t quit now.  I’m hoping that a class with C will help me out- in the past week I’ve only taken one or two classes with her- I just can’t go alone anymore.



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