Day 45- 3/4 of the way!

7 Mar

Friday night class was great! Just like I hoped it would be.  L and I (joined by our friend and guest blogger W) took spots in the front of the room and I feel like I finally had a class where I wasn’t annoyed, stressed, over thinking, or just physically exhausted.  L hadn’t had the greatest day so I felt like I needed to stay positive and strong for her, so I definitely tried my hardest to stay focused while keeping an eye on L throughout the class. Our instructor, Maria, is a no-frills, fast-moving instructor who keeps a nice rhythm throughout the class.  This made it (relatively) easy to move through class without getting too hung-up on single poses.  There’s nothing really mentionable about class besides the fact that I’ve got my confidence in my practice back and my drive to complete this challenge has been re-ignited.


Like C said, I had a blah day on Friday and wasn’t looking forward to class at all. If C wasn’t so encouraging, I definitely would have skipped this class (and a ton of others). I drank a glass of wine before class and was surprised that it didn’t affect me at all. I didn’t have a good or bad class, just an average one. Zoned out a few times and was basically functioning on bikram “autopilot.”

Nothing worth mentioning- I’ve basically plateaued, which is pretty discouraging. The challenge really is all downhill from here…hoping to get my bikram energy/obsession/motivation back soon.



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