Day 47: Stinky Feet Edition

7 Mar

Hol.y.crap. I thought I was going to die during Sunday’s class. Remember the germy studio that smelled like feet? During Sunday’s class, I was stuck directly behind what I can only guess, was the guy who stunk up the germy studio. A cloud of stinky funk. Five inches from my face. I could handle it during standing series…I’m tall so I was about six feet away from the stink, but during floor series I so close. Too close. Way too close. I held my breath during most of the poses, and then would cover my face with my own towel to hide the smell. I breathed through my mouth (a big bikram no-no). I tried to think happy, non-smelly thoughts. Nothing worked.

Dear Stinky Feet Man: You ruined my class. I was having a fairly strong class…until you derailed me with your death/germ/I-don’t-shower-ever/I-wear-old-dirty-sneakers funk. There’s no way I can focus on posing my body like a locust or a camel when your heinous stink is permeating my BRAIN.

Lesson learned: I’m NEVER standing in the back again. Front row only- feet can’t get you in the front row.

Goal: I have got to stop letting little things drive me insane.


Sunday was rainy and gross. Coming up of the tail or an epic 4-hour long DJed brunch on Saturday, L and I were feeling unmotivated and yucky. I was close to calling my day off and making it up at a later point, but (thank goodness) L convinced me to suck it up and go. Our teacher was the owner who, although he is tough on us, it the strongest motivator of all the instructors.

We took spots in the back, and I was pretty much convinced that I was about to have another awful meltdown/panic attack during class but instead, the opposite happened. As soon as I started the opening breathing exercise, I felt calm and motivated and (dare I say it?) happy! Class was invigorating. I tried my hardest and my body seemed to listen tome. There was a nice cool breeze coming from the humidifier right next to me and I was loving life the entire time. Fortunately I was unaware of the smelly mess in front of Liz and I was unperturbed and finally focused during class. I wish every day were like this 🙂 Sorry I’m not sorry for my ridiculously optimistic post.

There was one notable moment during the class, and it came right in the beginning.  During the half-moon series while doing the backbend:

I went further back then I ever had before and something crazy happened.  My body just completely stopped resisting my mind and I went far back enough to touch the wall in back of me (which is roughly how the woman is bent in the picture).  I felt a rush of blood to my head and I started to have a headache and feel completely overwhelmed with emotion. The extreme compression of my spine had cause an “emotional release”, something that our instructors refer to as being an uncontrollable release of intense emotion.   I felt achy but exhilarated and I’m pretty sure I rode this wave for the entirety of class.

On a not so positive (or maybe it is?) note: I am still SO sore. I have just resigned to the fact that I will never be capable of walking like a normal person again.



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