Day 48

9 Mar

Finally!  I’m finally feeling re-motivated about this challenge!  C and I went to the 6pm Monday class and got our favorite mat spots…front right corner.  Rana was our instructor and she set the perfect atmosphere for  Monday class: calming, yet encouraging.  I felt great throughout the entire class and even found myself pushing harder than I usually do.  Going to bikram every day gets monotonous, and I’ve found exactly which postures I can put less effort into to save my energy.  But last night I actually tried my best in the majority of the postures.

My standing bow pose is starting to look a little more it’s supposed to and I feel like I’m getting a little bit stronger in the standing head to knee pose.  I also tried to work past my hamstring soreness in all of the poses… which will probably come back to bite me in my next class.  And, for the first time in 48 days, my abs were sore last night after class!  Not sure what I did differently, but it was nice to have anything other body part other than my hamstrings ache!

I decided just now that I’m going to knock out my second double class on Wednesday, Day 50.  That way I’ll be able to do a countdown for the final 10 classes!  I’m excited for this final stretch- hope I don’t get hit with another rut!!


I had a great class for day 48 but unfortunately can not be happy about it while writing about it because I am sick 😦  I’m coming down with some sort of viral infection and it’s just NOT FAIR!

Anyway, like L, I did indeed have a great class on Monday and the teacher even noticed, congratulating me after class. That felt awesome  🙂



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