Day 50

11 Mar

As much as I didn’t want to, I had to play hooky today. I left work early with a fever of over 100 and felt miserable. Spent the day feeling bad for myself, sleeping, and self-medicating. I hate adding to the number of doubles I have to do within a span of a few days but there is just no good excuse for putting my health further at risk.



Day 50! Home stretch! ¬†I wanted to knock out my last double (from when I was sick….I feel so bad for C that she’s sick now!) so I decided to do the 6am/6pm combo.

Morning class: Going to morning classes alone is usually a little rough. ¬†Since I had taken the 8pm class the night before, I figured I’d be a little wobbly and sit from time to time. ¬†Surprisingly though, I felt great all throughout class. ¬†The owner was the instructor and I’ve found that I can’t half-ass a class that he’s teaching. ¬†He’s the only instructor that knows my name, so I’ll get called out if I don’t try very hard- good and bad thing I guess. ¬†I had a little talk with him after class about the challenge and how I’m just worn out and tired of it. ¬†He seemed to understand what I was talking about and mentioned that the challenge can be really mental, especially when you’re not seeing big physical changes. ¬†I’m not sure if I’m really having a “mental challenge,” I’m just dying to do any.other.workout.

Afternoon class: Like my last double, I expected the second class to be really difficult and it just wasn’t. ¬†I didn’t have any major breakthroughs or stretch farther than usual, but I had a strong class. ¬†I’ve really been focusing lately on tuning other people out so I won’t be quite so annoyed during class. ¬†During the afternoon class, there was a woman who didn’t speak English beside me, doing whatever the f she felt like during class. ¬†And I’m proud to say I didn’t let it bother me! ¬†I didn’t glare at her…I didn’t roll my eyes…and I didn’t let it affect my postures. ¬†Yay me!

Random “I’m really good at math” moment: Not only did I do a double, but I just completed 3 bikram classes within 24 hours (8pm Tues, 6am and 6pm Wed). ¬†Yowsas!



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