Guest Blogger A

11 Mar

Guest blogger A is L’s little teeny tiny baby sister.  A kickass runner and boot camper, A has been coming to bikram for just over a month.

So my guest blog is long overdue:

Last night was my 9th class I have gone to!  The first 8 went pretty well overall.  I haven’t made it through a class without having to sit down at least once but had been seeing myself improve some……..until last night.  Class started off well and I was even able to finally move my toes behind my leg in the standing eagle pose which was AWESOME!  Right after Eagle pose I started to feel really dizzy and my stomach was hurting so I had to sit down for the most of the remaining standing poses.  I was able to get back up to do a couple of standing bow poses (my fav!) and one tree pose but couldn’t handle much else without becoming dizzy.  My sister said next time I just need to work past the dizziness because it’s all mental.

Sitting series did a lot better as you can’t get very dizzy sitting down!  Highlight of the sitting series was the Head to Knee pose which I mastered on my left side for the second time!

Overall over the past 9 classes I have realized a few things: ·

  • L and C are awesome for doing this challenge!!! I could not imagine doing this everyday for 60 days.
  • Your instructor influences your class.
  • Jamie and Rana are my favorites….mainly because C and L think they like me!
  • Instructors who talk slower are better!
  • I like morning classes better than evening ones.
  • Your emotions come out during class so get a hold of situations in your personal life before heading to class.
  • I need to continue going at least once or twice a week because I feel like my body is still really tight.

Well…that’s about it.  Congrats to L and C for being in the home stretch!!!!!


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