Day 52

14 Mar

My return to class after a two day (which felt like FOREVER) hiatus was on Friday afternoon at the 4pm class. L and I took spots in the front of the room, despite the fact that neither of us had been to class the day before (in my case, 2 days before).  And class was great!!  It felt SO good to be back.  My body needed to move after two days of near incapacitation.  Nothing to note about the class besides how wonderful I felt after.  I am also thinking that the reason why I am bouncing back from the flu so quickly is because my body was ready to fight whatever immunological challenge I was presented with 🙂

Although I am so happy to be back, I am most certainly not looking forward to the three doubles I have to do in the next 8 days. UGH.


I was so happy C was feeling better!  Mostly because I hate going to class alone… 🙂 I had a half day from work on Friday, so going to class didn’t even feel like a chore since I wasn’t rushed at all.  I can’t really remember anything from the class, but I also had a strong class.

One week and we’re done.



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