Day 55

15 Mar

I did it again! Another back to back double!

Looking to knock out my second of three necessary double sessions before Saturday, I planned to attend 6 am class with L and then hit up the 6pm class after work with her again. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances (stupid iPhone alarm bug) I woke up exactly one hour late and just ended up going straight into work. Thankfully, I was able to leave work at a decent time and head straight to yoga. I was determined to knock out two classes but wasn’t sure that it would happen. But it did and it was awesome! My first class was pretty empty, with a very focused and faced-paced teacher who I really like. I had a strong class and hardly felt winded or exhausted throughout the entire thing. By the second class (and after an apple and another liter of water) I was ready to go with L for round 2. During this class, I didn’t have to sit once. I was more flexible, much more focused (despite all of the idiots who I was taking class with- who stands directly in front of people at bikram?)

4 classes in 28hours? I’ll take it. Doubles are awesome. Bikram is awesome. I’m going to go (drink wine/watch bachelor then) pass out now.


My third (and final!) double. Not quite as easy as my other doubles… I decided to do then 6am/6pm combo with C, but unfortunately I ended up at the 6am alone. And I’d say it was one of my top 5 worst classes during this challenge. Because of daylight savings time, waking up at 5:15 am was really 4:15 am…and it felt like it. I was shakey during the entire class and even sat down during the first posture. Like a loser.

Luckily my second class was so much better. I didn’t sit down at all and dare I say it, actually felt strong.

We only have 5 more classes/days left! I’m going to make an effort to be only positive from here on out! No more whining about a challenge that I chose to do…



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