Day 56

16 Mar

Very long overdue…but here goes: an optimistic post!!  Last night’s class was GREAT…and it’s been a long while since I’ve said that.  C and I went to the 8pm class and I honestly expected a bad class.  I had 5 oreos before class (it was 2 hours before…I thought I’d be okay!) and so I felt pretty icky on the drive over.  But C and I were laughing over our horrible class prep and soon I completely forgot that I felt sick.

As we signed in, the instructor asked us how the challenge was going and we both responded half-heartedly*.  He suggested we try drinking electrolytes and even gave us some electrolyte packets he had! I’m not sure if it’s mental or what, but I really did feel less worn-down after class.  C and I also chatted with the instructor’s girlfriend (also an instructor ) in the locker room about teacher training, her real-life job, and how she balances it all.  This combo of instructor positivity, excitement for another challenger on her day 60, and C’s always positive encouragement translated into an amazing class.  No dizziness, no nauseousness, no shakiness- I felt strong throughout the entire class.  In fact, class flew by.  And…drumroll…I even smiled a couple of times.  Without prompting.  And I tried– I tried to lock my knee, I tried to lift my legs that extra inch, I tried in every single pose.  And I was sore after class, in a good way.

It felt so good having a great class.  I tend to be such a complainer (maybe even negative?) that it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in everything that went wrong.  Such a nice change to not complain for once 🙂

*I keep forgetting to mention this, but I LOVE how all of the instructors at our studio are always willing and interested in answering any questions.  They really do enjoy teaching classes and it shows in how nice/informed/helpful they all are!

4 more days!!


Day 56 was great.  It was my first tmie in three days NOT doing a double and it was easy peasy. Like L said, the instructor gave us magical electrolytes and it gave me something to look forward to in class.  I felt strong and motivated throughout class and loved the fact that it wasn’t super crowded 🙂

Another factor in my motivation was that another challenger completed her 60th class with us last night at 8pm. She seemed really happy at the end of class and it made me realize how close we are to being in that same boat! I can’t wait!  Unfortunately, my body seems to be breaking down at the moment, as I have developed sever inner-ear pain over the past day and haven’t been able t function and sleep. My body isbasically falling apart :/  so I am really looking forward to getting my tmie back from bikram and going when I want to, and (most importantly) allowing my body to rest and recuperate.  Not to mention, I have another double to complete in the next 3 days. Nonetheless, I am really pumped for the remainder of the challenge and really proud of myself and L 🙂



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