Day 57

18 Mar

Despite my severe exhaustion from NO sleep the night before and the severe pain in my ear, L and I headed to the 6pm class and took spots in the front with another challenger. Class was tough for me because of the pressure in my head but I got through without sitting down, which is an accomplishment retrospectively since I have a full blown ear infection.   No idea if this has anything to do with bikram, but I am assuming not.  I think it has to do with whatever cold/flu I had last week.   I am REALLY looking forward to resting when this challenge is over.  I can’t remember the last time I just took a few hours to comfortably relax.  Only three more days and 4 more classes!


After Tuesday’s great class, I was looking forward to the next class.  The 6pm class was good, but I got super hungry in the middle of class and found it hard to concentrate.  Overall I’d say the class was a good one, but nothing super memorable from it.  I just feel bad that C is still sick!

3 more classes!



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