Day 58

18 Mar

Because C and I wanted to go to happy hour after work on Thursday, we decided to go to the 6am class.  I wasn’t feeling great and was super tired, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the class went.  I’ve also noticed this week that I have that familiar allover soreness back.  I wasn’t very sore that past couple of weeks since I wasn’t trying very hard (whining constantly doesn’t hurt my hamstrings).  It’s kind of nice that I can tell that I’m working harder this week!

I CANNOT believe that we only have 2 more classes/days left!  Sixty days is a lot- two full months …8 and a half weeks in total.  Sixty 1.5 hour classes- that’s 90 HOURS of bikram classes.  That’s insane!  And while I didn’t always put my best effort forward, I’m still surprised/impressed/proud that I could actually complete this!


Morning class was rough for me.  I hadn’t been sleeping well due to my ear infection and it has consequently thrown off my balance.  I did, however, really appreciate our instructors steady pace throughout class and ended up having a decent class.  3 more classes and 2 days left!!



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