Day 59

21 Mar

Friday was my final double (thank goodness) of the challenge and also happened to be the final day before day 60. Procrastination? Check.

The first class went well but it was incredibly steamy in the room. Not to mention, the ear infection that I’ve had has really affected my ability to balance. So, in roder to preserve some energy I sat down…a lot. I would’ve felt bad about it but I stood in the back corner knowing that I wouldn’t be a rockstar from the outset. After the first class, I was pretty drained and tired. Thankfully, L showed up and we had one of my favorite instructors who always keeps a predictable, steady pace throughout class, so, despite sitting through a few of the standing series poses, I was actually stronger in the second class. Go figure! After class, we ran into the owner of the studio (who originally convinced us to do the 60 day vs the 30 day challenge) and he let us know that although he wouldn’t be teaching our 60th class, he was going to practice with us! I thought that this was a really nice and encouraging gesture. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

Tonight, I plan to take it easy, with a nice dinner along with my roommate who is moving out tomorrow 😦 There seems to be so many things happening tomorrow that are bound to elicit some sort of emotion. Hopefully the elation of finishing the challenge will offset any sadness I have about her leaving. Cannot believe it’s already been 59 days. AND that I did 3 doubles in 6 days!


Friday was such a beautiful day- definitely the type of day I’d love to go running outside- but we only have 2 classes left, so soon enough! Because it was so warm outside, the bikram room was on fire…it was sooooo hot in there! I didn’t sit down at all, but was really glad I had brought a Gatorade and a water into class.

I can’t remember anything else from class….just so excited for day 60! Taking it easy tonight too…don’t want anything to ruin my last day!



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