Day 55

15 Mar

I did it again! Another back to back double!

Looking to knock out my second of three necessary double sessions before Saturday, I planned to attend 6 am class with L and then hit up the 6pm class after work with her again. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances (stupid iPhone alarm bug) I woke up exactly one hour late and just ended up going straight into work. Thankfully, I was able to leave work at a decent time and head straight to yoga. I was determined to knock out two classes but wasn’t sure that it would happen. But it did and it was awesome! My first class was pretty empty, with a very focused and faced-paced teacher who I really like. I had a strong class and hardly felt winded or exhausted throughout the entire thing. By the second class (and after an apple and another liter of water) I was ready to go with L for round 2. During this class, I didn’t have to sit once. I was more flexible, much more focused (despite all of the idiots who I was taking class with- who stands directly in front of people at bikram?)

4 classes in 28hours? I’ll take it. Doubles are awesome. Bikram is awesome. I’m going to go (drink wine/watch bachelor then) pass out now.


My third (and final!) double. Not quite as easy as my other doubles… I decided to do then 6am/6pm combo with C, but unfortunately I ended up at the 6am alone. And I’d say it was one of my top 5 worst classes during this challenge. Because of daylight savings time, waking up at 5:15 am was really 4:15 am…and it felt like it. I was shakey during the entire class and even sat down during the first posture. Like a loser.

Luckily my second class was so much better. I didn’t sit down at all and dare I say it, actually felt strong.

We only have 5 more classes/days left! I’m going to make an effort to be only positive from here on out! No more whining about a challenge that I chose to do…



Day 54

14 Mar

Day 54 will go down as the day I had a “bikram breakdown.”  I woke up to gorgeous weather on Sunday, went to a bridal show with my engaged friend (yummy champagne and cupcakes!), had a huge late lunch (yummy again!), had a tiny cheese and wine tasting with my roomie (so much yum!), and then went to the 6pm class. (For the record, I know this wasn’t the best prep…but I’m sick of planning my life around yoga).  C and another challenger were doing a double and I stood somewhat close to both of them, thinking that I would feel stronger since it was my first class that day.

Wrong.  Very, very wrong.  From the first breathing exercise I felt off.  My legs were shaking, I was pouring sweat (even fell out of Eagle pose because I didn’t expect my legs to be that slippery!), and I couldn’t focus on my breathing. I started to panic around the 4th pose and sat down over and over.  It was SO HOT in there!  The heat was radiating off of everything: my own body, my mat, even my water bottle was on fire.  And the instructor was talking so much.  Talk talk talky talk blah blah dumb story blah blah talk talk.  I couldn’t handle it.  I was making faces, gasping for air, HATING the fact that today was only day 54 and not 60.

When I started crying at the beginning of Camel pose, I knew I crossed to the dark side.  I don’t like bikram yoga anymore.  I don’t like this challenge anymore.  I can’t handle doing the exact same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  I need to do something, anything different.  I’m over it.  Done.


I did my first double today! Back to back! Here’s what went down:

Class 1: My roommates came along for my first class, and we had a new instructor, who just so happened to be a drill seargent.  But he didn’t bother me, so I didn’t care. The room was HOT!  But it felt great 🙂  I surrendered to the fact that I would be in the room for a long long time and ended up just taking each moment for what it was and pushed myself through class without taking a break.  By the time class was over, I felt excited to see what my body would be capable in a consecutive class.  There was another challenger who also would be doing a second class, so it was nice to have company in my impending misery.

Class 2: So L showed up (thank gawd), albeit kind of tipsy and overfed, to give me the extra boost I needed to get through my second class!  My attitude was good and I walked into class and immediately wanted to die.  The room HAD NOT cooled down a single degree since the end of the previous class. L checked the temperature and it read 107 before anybody even started gathering in the studio and moving around. This set the stage for what would become a class or pure anarchy.There were 4 challengers in class, myself and L included, one doing her first class of the day and another doing her second.  The one girl also doing a double sat down during the first pose and never got up for the remainder of the standing series. L and I were up and down taking rests during the standing series because it was so flipping hot in there!  I think because I was in class 2/2 I sweat more than I ever had in my entire life and was actually surprised at how inflexible I was.  I was under the impression that I’d be some kind of crazy bendy person by my second class but I just wasn’t 😦  Everybody was dropping like flies throughout the entire first series.

In the mid-class savasana, our teacher told us of the untimely and tragic death of a woman who was well-connected in the yoga community and read a really inspirational quote which included the following:

This lifetime of ours is transient as autumn clouds.
To watch the birth and death of beings
Is like looking at the movements of a dance.
A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky.
Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain.

So, of course, being the oversensitive over-exerted person I am, I started to cry during savasana.  But this made me think of all of the complaining I do.  With all of the awful things that peolpe have to face every day, this is anything but difficult, instead, I am giving myself a gift of serenity and physical and mental aid every single day.   I also decided that it wasn’t fair to myself to sit out any of the postures for the rest of class.  So I pushed through and finished by first double!



Day 53

14 Mar

Another hungover Saturday class…but I didn’t even mind it that much.  I was exhausted and lazy and sat down a couple of times.  Didn’t give anywhere near 100% either- I’ve lost my motivation again.  But at the same time, I didn’t feel horrible.

Sometimes during class, all I can think about is the glass of wine (or 5) that I’m going to drink afterwards.  I don’t think that’s normal.  That is all.


Saturday class was pretty good for me.  I had all intentions of doing both a 10 am and a 6 pm  buuuut my hangover had other plans for me.  I kept falling asleep during class and yawning, which is unusual. But whatever, I only have a week left of yoga and I deserve to be sleepy.


Day 52

14 Mar

My return to class after a two day (which felt like FOREVER) hiatus was on Friday afternoon at the 4pm class. L and I took spots in the front of the room, despite the fact that neither of us had been to class the day before (in my case, 2 days before).  And class was great!!  It felt SO good to be back.  My body needed to move after two days of near incapacitation.  Nothing to note about the class besides how wonderful I felt after.  I am also thinking that the reason why I am bouncing back from the flu so quickly is because my body was ready to fight whatever immunological challenge I was presented with 🙂

Although I am so happy to be back, I am most certainly not looking forward to the three doubles I have to do in the next 8 days. UGH.


I was so happy C was feeling better!  Mostly because I hate going to class alone… 🙂 I had a half day from work on Friday, so going to class didn’t even feel like a chore since I wasn’t rushed at all.  I can’t really remember anything from the class, but I also had a strong class.

One week and we’re done.


Guest Blogger A

11 Mar

Guest blogger A is L’s little teeny tiny baby sister.  A kickass runner and boot camper, A has been coming to bikram for just over a month.

So my guest blog is long overdue:

Last night was my 9th class I have gone to!  The first 8 went pretty well overall.  I haven’t made it through a class without having to sit down at least once but had been seeing myself improve some……..until last night.  Class started off well and I was even able to finally move my toes behind my leg in the standing eagle pose which was AWESOME!  Right after Eagle pose I started to feel really dizzy and my stomach was hurting so I had to sit down for the most of the remaining standing poses.  I was able to get back up to do a couple of standing bow poses (my fav!) and one tree pose but couldn’t handle much else without becoming dizzy.  My sister said next time I just need to work past the dizziness because it’s all mental.

Sitting series did a lot better as you can’t get very dizzy sitting down!  Highlight of the sitting series was the Head to Knee pose which I mastered on my left side for the second time!

Overall over the past 9 classes I have realized a few things: ·

  • L and C are awesome for doing this challenge!!! I could not imagine doing this everyday for 60 days.
  • Your instructor influences your class.
  • Jamie and Rana are my favorites….mainly because C and L think they like me!
  • Instructors who talk slower are better!
  • I like morning classes better than evening ones.
  • Your emotions come out during class so get a hold of situations in your personal life before heading to class.
  • I need to continue going at least once or twice a week because I feel like my body is still really tight.

Well…that’s about it.  Congrats to L and C for being in the home stretch!!!!!

Day 51

11 Mar

Skipped again. Also skipped work. Feel like hell but caught up on 30 rock, office, PLL, Bethany ever after etc. This is awful. I hate being sick. Isn’t bikram yoga supposed to boost the immune system? Almost made it though flu season unscathed. Womp womp.


I skipped today.  I’m not sick…I wasn’t stuck at work…the studio wasn’t closed- I just skipped.  I could blame the rain, or the McDonalds I ate for lunch (gross), or the fact that I just threw down a million bucks AGAIN on my car…But really, I just got lazy and was feeling sorry for myself.  I suck.


Day 50

11 Mar

As much as I didn’t want to, I had to play hooky today. I left work early with a fever of over 100 and felt miserable. Spent the day feeling bad for myself, sleeping, and self-medicating. I hate adding to the number of doubles I have to do within a span of a few days but there is just no good excuse for putting my health further at risk.



Day 50! Home stretch!  I wanted to knock out my last double (from when I was sick….I feel so bad for C that she’s sick now!) so I decided to do the 6am/6pm combo.

Morning class: Going to morning classes alone is usually a little rough.  Since I had taken the 8pm class the night before, I figured I’d be a little wobbly and sit from time to time.  Surprisingly though, I felt great all throughout class.  The owner was the instructor and I’ve found that I can’t half-ass a class that he’s teaching.  He’s the only instructor that knows my name, so I’ll get called out if I don’t try very hard- good and bad thing I guess.  I had a little talk with him after class about the challenge and how I’m just worn out and tired of it.  He seemed to understand what I was talking about and mentioned that the challenge can be really mental, especially when you’re not seeing big physical changes.  I’m not sure if I’m really having a “mental challenge,” I’m just dying to do any.other.workout.

Afternoon class: Like my last double, I expected the second class to be really difficult and it just wasn’t.  I didn’t have any major breakthroughs or stretch farther than usual, but I had a strong class.  I’ve really been focusing lately on tuning other people out so I won’t be quite so annoyed during class.  During the afternoon class, there was a woman who didn’t speak English beside me, doing whatever the f she felt like during class.  And I’m proud to say I didn’t let it bother me!  I didn’t glare at her…I didn’t roll my eyes…and I didn’t let it affect my postures.  Yay me!

Random “I’m really good at math” moment: Not only did I do a double, but I just completed 3 bikram classes within 24 hours (8pm Tues, 6am and 6pm Wed).  Yowsas!