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Day 56

16 Mar

Very long overdue…but here goes: an optimistic post!!  Last night’s class was GREAT…and it’s been a long while since I’ve said that.  C and I went to the 8pm class and I honestly expected a bad class.  I had 5 oreos before class (it was 2 hours before…I thought I’d be okay!) and so I felt pretty icky on the drive over.  But C and I were laughing over our horrible class prep and soon I completely forgot that I felt sick.

As we signed in, the instructor asked us how the challenge was going and we both responded half-heartedly*.  He suggested we try drinking electrolytes and even gave us some electrolyte packets he had! I’m not sure if it’s mental or what, but I really did feel less worn-down after class.  C and I also chatted with the instructor’s girlfriend (also an instructor ) in the locker room about teacher training, her real-life job, and how she balances it all.  This combo of instructor positivity, excitement for another challenger on her day 60, and C’s always positive encouragement translated into an amazing class.  No dizziness, no nauseousness, no shakiness- I felt strong throughout the entire class.  In fact, class flew by.  And…drumroll…I even smiled a couple of times.  Without prompting.  And I tried– I tried to lock my knee, I tried to lift my legs that extra inch, I tried in every single pose.  And I was sore after class, in a good way.

It felt so good having a great class.  I tend to be such a complainer (maybe even negative?) that it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in everything that went wrong.  Such a nice change to not complain for once 🙂

*I keep forgetting to mention this, but I LOVE how all of the instructors at our studio are always willing and interested in answering any questions.  They really do enjoy teaching classes and it shows in how nice/informed/helpful they all are!

4 more days!!


Day 56 was great.  It was my first tmie in three days NOT doing a double and it was easy peasy. Like L said, the instructor gave us magical electrolytes and it gave me something to look forward to in class.  I felt strong and motivated throughout class and loved the fact that it wasn’t super crowded 🙂

Another factor in my motivation was that another challenger completed her 60th class with us last night at 8pm. She seemed really happy at the end of class and it made me realize how close we are to being in that same boat! I can’t wait!  Unfortunately, my body seems to be breaking down at the moment, as I have developed sever inner-ear pain over the past day and haven’t been able t function and sleep. My body isbasically falling apart :/  so I am really looking forward to getting my tmie back from bikram and going when I want to, and (most importantly) allowing my body to rest and recuperate.  Not to mention, I have another double to complete in the next 3 days. Nonetheless, I am really pumped for the remainder of the challenge and really proud of myself and L 🙂



Day 47: Stinky Feet Edition

7 Mar

Hol.y.crap. I thought I was going to die during Sunday’s class. Remember the germy studio that smelled like feet? During Sunday’s class, I was stuck directly behind what I can only guess, was the guy who stunk up the germy studio. A cloud of stinky funk. Five inches from my face. I could handle it during standing series…I’m tall so I was about six feet away from the stink, but during floor series I so close. Too close. Way too close. I held my breath during most of the poses, and then would cover my face with my own towel to hide the smell. I breathed through my mouth (a big bikram no-no). I tried to think happy, non-smelly thoughts. Nothing worked.

Dear Stinky Feet Man: You ruined my class. I was having a fairly strong class…until you derailed me with your death/germ/I-don’t-shower-ever/I-wear-old-dirty-sneakers funk. There’s no way I can focus on posing my body like a locust or a camel when your heinous stink is permeating my BRAIN.

Lesson learned: I’m NEVER standing in the back again. Front row only- feet can’t get you in the front row.

Goal: I have got to stop letting little things drive me insane.


Sunday was rainy and gross. Coming up of the tail or an epic 4-hour long DJed brunch on Saturday, L and I were feeling unmotivated and yucky. I was close to calling my day off and making it up at a later point, but (thank goodness) L convinced me to suck it up and go. Our teacher was the owner who, although he is tough on us, it the strongest motivator of all the instructors.

We took spots in the back, and I was pretty much convinced that I was about to have another awful meltdown/panic attack during class but instead, the opposite happened. As soon as I started the opening breathing exercise, I felt calm and motivated and (dare I say it?) happy! Class was invigorating. I tried my hardest and my body seemed to listen tome. There was a nice cool breeze coming from the humidifier right next to me and I was loving life the entire time. Fortunately I was unaware of the smelly mess in front of Liz and I was unperturbed and finally focused during class. I wish every day were like this 🙂 Sorry I’m not sorry for my ridiculously optimistic post.

There was one notable moment during the class, and it came right in the beginning.  During the half-moon series while doing the backbend:

I went further back then I ever had before and something crazy happened.  My body just completely stopped resisting my mind and I went far back enough to touch the wall in back of me (which is roughly how the woman is bent in the picture).  I felt a rush of blood to my head and I started to have a headache and feel completely overwhelmed with emotion. The extreme compression of my spine had cause an “emotional release”, something that our instructors refer to as being an uncontrollable release of intense emotion.   I felt achy but exhilarated and I’m pretty sure I rode this wave for the entirety of class.

On a not so positive (or maybe it is?) note: I am still SO sore. I have just resigned to the fact that I will never be capable of walking like a normal person again.


Day 44

4 Mar

I opted to take the 6pm class after work for day 44. I was in dire need of a strong class, as my will power, motivation, and general affinity for bikram was starting to fade.  To my luck, I had a wonderful class for the first time in a while. I was balanced, focused, and steady throughout the hour and a half. I didn’t even let fleece-wearing crazy girl bother me when she forced the teacher to jack up the temperature a few degrees during class (GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU WANT TO SWEAT TO DEATH).  I think my healthyish food choices during the day, combined with the presence of a bunch of newcomers in the row behind me really fueled my desire to perform.

After class, I was talking with another challenger, an incredibly sweet lady named Lia.  We were discussing how we felt (she’s on day 35ish) and she told me that she was tired, which I have also been feeling, but she also told me that she already lost 18 pounds! I couldn’t believe that she had experienced such drastic results so quickly. The last time I weighed myself (around day 25), I had actually gained 2 lbs. I think the reason I am not dropping weight so easily is because I just really needed to tone up. And, like I mentioned in my 40 day check-in, I have definitely noticed a change in my body.  And my friend who hadn’t seen me in 2 months said she noticed that my face (and butt) looked more svelte. I’ll take it!

Regardless, bikram and I are back on and I can’t wait for class tonight, when I finally get to have a class with L. It feels like it’s been forever and after day 45, we are TOTALLY in the home stretch!


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same strong class that C did.  I went to the 4pm class and was just smad (thats sad/mad) the entire time.  The heat wasn’t anywhere near hot enough until the floor series, so poses that usually aren’t hard for me took a lot more effort (if it’s not hot enough, your muscles don’t warm up so you feel sore a lot quicker).  I didn’t sit down or sit out any poses, I just didn’t try very hard.  I barely even drank water- just didn’t want to put forth any sort of effort at all.

I’m in a self-induced workout rut.  I’m so bored with doing the exact same workout every.single.day. (especially since I haven’t been seeing the results I’d like to). Too bad my name’s written on the wall for everyone to see…can’t quit now.  I’m hoping that a class with C will help me out- in the past week I’ve only taken one or two classes with her- I just can’t go alone anymore.


Hot people who do yoga: Hollywood men edition

1 Mar


that’s right folks. James Bond.

Sweaty Naked Boys

1 Mar

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So a few weeks ago, three young guys tried out a yoga class. You could tell they thought it was a joke; they swaggered into the studio like hockey players, all ripped and cocky, naked but for their under-armours, all “look at me” and “yeah, baby, enjoy the show.” Those of us with a few classes under our belts just smiled in anticipation.

For the record, black under-armours aren’t a completely bad idea. Black just gets blacker when it’s wet. Someone should have warned the guy in white, however. I adjusted my position so I had a clear view in the mirror. There was gonna be a show, alright.

Within minutes, the pretty naked-boys weren’t smiling quite so hard. They realized that all these middle-aged people were actually fit, and knew how to do stuff that, gosh, was harder than it looked. And geez, it was HOT.

Before long, they weren’t smiling at all. In fact, they looked nauseated and wobbly. White under-armour guy suddenly realized that he was, for all intents and purposes, naked, and didn’t appear too thrilled about it.

By the end of the class, they were all collapsed on their towels, limp and gasping. When it went from interesting to slightly worrisome, to embarrassing, I stopped watching. I didn’t want to bear witness to any stains appearing on those tighty-whities.

The naked-boys haven’t been back. They’re welcome, though. As soon as they’re ready for a real work-out with real hotties.



Day 40- 40 day check-in

28 Feb

Wow, forty days of bikram- DONE!  I wish I could say 40 classes in 40 days…damn flu!  Although 39 classes in 40 days still sounds awesome!  As my sister and I were leaving the 10am class, we heard the instructor talking to some first-timers and urging them to try a 30 or 60 day challenge.  “It’ll change your life!” he said.  Later on in the car, my sister asked me about the instructor’s comments.  So I figured I’d do a little Day 40 check-in:

Has this challenge changed my life?  Short answer…no.  Everything is basically the same as before the challenge.  I’m not sure what I hoped to accomplish with this challenge, but with all the hype around it, I expected big things.  I still feel like I’m floating with nothing holding me down…just coasting through life.  It’s hard to put into words, but the constant restless feeling is still there.  At the same time though, expecting yoga to “change your life” sounds a little silly to me.

Do I feel different though? Absolutely.  My posture has definitely improved and I feel more flexible overall.  My sleep lately has been amazing.  I don’t wake up still feeling exhausted- I wake up well-rested- and it’s an amazing feeling.  I also feel stronger, especially in my back.

Weight lost: Unsure.  Hard to calculate any weight loss since I’m constantly either dehydrated or over-hydrated.  I do feel more toned though, especially in my upper body.  And with the exception of the occasional (frequent?) cupcake, I’ve been eating pretty healthy.

Overall, I feel more positive.  My sister agreed and said that I’ve been complaining a lot less since I’ve been doing the challenge (which is saying a lot- I’m a hugeeee complainer).  Hoping I can keep it up!

Home stretch- 20 more days!


Sunday’s class was pretty awful. I sucked and was getting extra (bad) attention from the instructor (he asked me after class if i was “getting rid of my new york”…guess I was?). I would feel great for 2 poses and then be unable to make it through the next. I ended up sitting out for one set of at least 3 poses in the standing series. I will structure my post like L’s

Has yoga changed my life?  I’d say that the answer to this is relative. I could see myself adopting bikram as part of my life in the long-term. It’s one of the only forms of exercise that I actually enjoy and feel as though I am getting an actual strong workout from. For example, I love walking…but as somebody who isn’t sporting blue-gray hair in a retirement home yet, it probably isn’t the optimal exercise to get me ready for bikini season. I’m so happy to have been introduced to bikram (thanks to a friend who started taking it in NYC about a year ago) and I am looking forward to continuing my practice.

Do I feel different? In almost every way possible. Of course I still make poor decisions regarding food, drink, or sleep once in awhile. But my body bounces back much more quickly. I am more focused and I feel physically strong and in control of my body for once. I sleep so well at night, and when I actually do allow myself a chance to sleep for more than 7 hours, I feel refreshed and ready to face every day. Part of the change in my attitude is thinking twice about how I treat my body.  In terms of food choices, hydration, sleep etc. This is partially in fear of the kinds of classes I would have if I didn’t take care of myself.

Have I lost weight?  I don’t think so (I have the appetite of a 12 year old boy), but I’m pretty sure that my body is changing in a positive way.  My stomach (waistline/abs) has been looking more defined lately.  I’m still hoping that my arms will follow, but I absolutely feel tighter and more toned all over.

Still need to work on my diet though. I had two lunches today supplemented by donut holes (which thanks to my co-workers, we have almost daily). Ugh. Oh, and I’m exhausted. Wine+oscars+recovering from an NYC weekend= 😦


Day 33

23 Feb

After yesterday’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad class, I wanted today’s class to be great.  So I drank a ton of water in preparation and ate healthy, eating my last meal over 4 hours before class.  Before class began, my stomach was super full of water, but I figured that once I got into class and started sweating, I’d feel better.  But I was wrong…

I got into class and after 3 postures, had to sit down and then 2 seconds later, lie in savasana.  I was so nauseous, I thought I might actually puke on the floor.  I attempted a few more postures off and on, but kept having to lie down.  I was embarrassed and mad- I was standing in the front row and lying in savasana for the entire standing series!  Finally, during the first posture in the floor series, I left the room.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to do any of the floor series feeling as nauseous as I did.

I laid down outside the room for the remainder of the class, crying  (bikram makes me crazy) and waiting for my roommate to finish class.  I apologized to the instructor for leaving the room and then went home.  And then…stomach flu hit me. Hard. Ugggggh.


10 am class came wayy too quickly for me to be happy about. I was supposed to have the owner as an instructor, who I usually enjoy but know that he loves to keep the room ridiculously hot.  SO I was ecstatic to find out that the instructor from yesterday, a cheery girl around my age, was the surprise instructor (thank goodness).  This set my mood up for class. I was both relieved and hopeful that I could have a good class, despite my lack of sleep and hydration.   And that I did. Class was tough and HOT, though.  Actually, the temperature in the room at the start was 113.  One hundred and thirteen degrees.  Unbelievable. But I’m pretty sure that either I got used to it or she cooled the room down during (at least) the floor series.  Nothing really remarkable about class, but I’ve noticed that my legs are getting stronger and more controlled during class, which increases my balance during the standing series, as long as I remember to focus on strengthening my lower half during the 90 minutes.  The next two classes that I have will be in different studios (in NJ) and I’m really curious to see how it’s done up there.  I bet it won’t include fresh minty towels 😦

Lessons learned: Don’t let an instructor scheduled to teach class affect your moon.  In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

Goals: Get parents to join a class with me during my visit home!