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Day 46

7 Mar

My worst class to date. I hate even trying to re-live the awfulness but since it was bound to happen sooner or later, here goes.

Mistake #1: Drinking on Friday night. I don’t know why L and I got it into our heads that we were going to drink heavily on Friday night, but I’m assuming it started sometime after L had a glass of wine before bikram. I was up WAY too late, and didn’t even bother to drink a glass of water before bed.

So I head to 10am class with L and my roommate W, and am feeling pretty loopy still (to the point where I didn’t even want to drive fearing my BAC). The instructor was Maria again and I warned her before class that I was not in tip-top shape. Hoping to motivate myself to sweat out the night before, I…

Mistake # 2: placed my mat in the front on the room. Why I thought this was a good idea, I’ll never quite understand. As class started, I slowly felt my body start to fall apart piece by piece. By the fourth pose, I was sitting out every other pose. By pose five I was laying on the floor. My heart was beating on my face and I was having a pretty intense anxiety attack. I would get up to try a pose, get through a quarter of it, and then have to lie back down. I knew that this class was a lost cause. Even worse, I felt like my inability to make it through class negatively affected the people in back of me. At one point, nearly the entire side of the room I was on ended up sitting or laying down. I’ve really never experienced this.

As the floor series rolled around I really started to panic. I was seeing spots in my left eye so big that I had about 5% vision. I needed to get out. I looked over at L and she told me to count my breaths and relax. I tried but it wouldn’t work. Finally, I grab my water bottle and bolted for the door. I felt so incredibly weak and upset with myself, but damn did it feel good to be out of that class. Me and Jameson are breaking up. I NEVER want to feel like that again.


Saturday morning’s class reinforced what I’ve been thinking lately: I’m really good at drinking while yoga-ing. Friday night was an unnecessary mess that I’ll blame on C’s new boyfriend Jameson. Lucky for me, I’m not a hungover sleeper, so I woke up an hour before class and drank a ton of water and had some fruit. I, per the usual, wasn’t excited for class, but followed C’s cue and stood in the front row. And I feel bad saying it considering C and W’s bad class, but I had a really good class.

Class was the usual Saturday shitshow: tons of newbies, people dropping like flies, and the occasional run for the door. At one point, there were only 2 people standing in my half of the room- it was insane. Because C and W were both lying down (believe me, I feel their pain….I was just there 2 weeks ago. Feeling like you’re going to puke in class is one.of.the.worst.feelings.EVER.) I wouldn’t let myself sit down at all. When there are new people in the class, they tend to watch whoever is in front, and I wanted to be a decent example.

It definitely wasn’t my best class, but I was proud of myself for not quitting. I’ve been so apathetic towards bikram lately- half-assing poses, glaring at anyone I think is annoying, I was even somewhat rude to an instructor the other day- it’s nice to finally feel myself climbing out of my rut. I hope my classes continue to get better- we’re done 2 weeks from today!!



Day 44

4 Mar

I opted to take the 6pm class after work for day 44. I was in dire need of a strong class, as my will power, motivation, and general affinity for bikram was starting to fade.  To my luck, I had a wonderful class for the first time in a while. I was balanced, focused, and steady throughout the hour and a half. I didn’t even let fleece-wearing crazy girl bother me when she forced the teacher to jack up the temperature a few degrees during class (GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU WANT TO SWEAT TO DEATH).  I think my healthyish food choices during the day, combined with the presence of a bunch of newcomers in the row behind me really fueled my desire to perform.

After class, I was talking with another challenger, an incredibly sweet lady named Lia.  We were discussing how we felt (she’s on day 35ish) and she told me that she was tired, which I have also been feeling, but she also told me that she already lost 18 pounds! I couldn’t believe that she had experienced such drastic results so quickly. The last time I weighed myself (around day 25), I had actually gained 2 lbs. I think the reason I am not dropping weight so easily is because I just really needed to tone up. And, like I mentioned in my 40 day check-in, I have definitely noticed a change in my body.  And my friend who hadn’t seen me in 2 months said she noticed that my face (and butt) looked more svelte. I’ll take it!

Regardless, bikram and I are back on and I can’t wait for class tonight, when I finally get to have a class with L. It feels like it’s been forever and after day 45, we are TOTALLY in the home stretch!


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same strong class that C did.  I went to the 4pm class and was just smad (thats sad/mad) the entire time.  The heat wasn’t anywhere near hot enough until the floor series, so poses that usually aren’t hard for me took a lot more effort (if it’s not hot enough, your muscles don’t warm up so you feel sore a lot quicker).  I didn’t sit down or sit out any poses, I just didn’t try very hard.  I barely even drank water- just didn’t want to put forth any sort of effort at all.

I’m in a self-induced workout rut.  I’m so bored with doing the exact same workout every.single.day. (especially since I haven’t been seeing the results I’d like to). Too bad my name’s written on the wall for everyone to see…can’t quit now.  I’m hoping that a class with C will help me out- in the past week I’ve only taken one or two classes with her- I just can’t go alone anymore.


Day 42

2 Mar

Yesterday’s class, and a cupcake last night, kicked my bad mood’s butt and I was ready for Day 42’s morning class.  As I was walking the 2 dark, deserted blocks to my car I was thinking about how impressed I am that I woke up at 5:30am. To workout. Alone. Who am I?  I had a new instructor (or new to me at least) and it was a nice change of pace.  He started the class by saying to take it easy, that our bodies were still asleep and pushing too hard that early in the morning isn’t a good idea.  Instead, we were instructed to work more on our form and technique- and I really tried to do this.  I even got noticeably higher on my toes during awkward pose than I ever have before.

I also wore shorts for the second day in a row this morning and I have to agree with the instructors: the class is harder wearing shorts (slippery legs!) but it’s also helpful being able to see my knee.  While wearing shorts, there’s no question about whether my knee is locked- they make the class harder in a good way.

Lesson learned: Working on form is not only a nice “break,” but it can also lead to better postures!


Day 42 was one of my worst classes to date.  I had a 10 1/2 hour work day and ate cottage cheese an hour before class.  It was am 8pm class with a new instructor and, knowing that I’d have a bad class, I placed myself in the back corner. and hid the best I could.  Surprisingly, I didn’t sit out any postures, but I did not try my hardest and I yawned throughout the entire class.  I was so tired throughout class that it almost felt like an out-of-body experience.

Nothing to note about class really. I am slightly satisfied with my ability to make it through class  but not so much with my performance.  Hopefully tomorrow is better :/


Hot people who do yoga: Hollywood men edition

1 Mar


that’s right folks. James Bond.

Hot people who do Bikram: Salma Hayek

23 Feb


This lovely latina loves the fuego of bikram.

Quote(s) of the day

16 Feb


Guest Blogger K: Bikram Bro-ga

16 Feb

K is C’s co-worker and is well-versed in many things including chinese yo-yo, origami, ballroom dancing, pumping iron, and cooking.  This is his 3rd bikram experience.

Sup bros.

Aights, so yesterday this bro went to Yoga.  What kind of exercise is called Yoga? Yo if Bikram wants more bros at his Yoga, he should call it Bro-ga (high five).

Aight soz from the start, so we start it up with some serious action here.  We’re talkin the intense smell of people sweating from way too much yoga.  But you know it’s a legit experience because this be how they do it in India.

So I be hitting the poses (like a boss), must’ve been the 2 energy drinks I had before practice, yea what up, this boy got ENDURANCE (heeeeeey).  But man this class was intense yo, even one of the teacher trainees had to lie down, and that bro has been doing this for 2.5 years.

L and C were doing awesome, hitting that Bow pose like a boss, but man this bro was having trouble maintaining balance.  This bro had to take a break and savasana after bhujangasana cuz it was getting a little hard to breathe-a.

Anyways, so then this bro hit that salabhasana, stretched it waaay out and climaxing (what up) in the poorna. All those years pretending to be an airplane? Yea, that was practice for hitting that Full Locust Pose.

Rest of the workout was great, felt like I just fought a bear and won, with 2 hands tied behind my back, blindfolded.  So if you want to feel as manly as me, make sure you check out your local Broga studio.

Tune in next time when I hit up anti-gravity Yoga.

P.S. All those poses you just hit?  Yea. Kama Sutra. That’s what she said.